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article imageTempo Giusto talks 'Paradigm Shift,' Armada Music, and dentistry Special

By Markos Papadatos     Feb 28, 2020 in Music
Finnish trance DJ and producer Tempo Giusto chatted with Digital Journal about his new song "Paradigm Shift," his musical inspirations and signing to Armada Music.
On his new track "Paradigm Shift," he said, "I was reading a book about changing your mindset and breaking daily habits so I wanted to try something a little different. Instead of going for big and complex themes, I wanted to keep the main elements simpler and kind of hypnotic and try to build the track through other sounds. That is also how I ended up with 'Paradigm Shift' as the title, as it means a change in perspective. I think the outcome is pretty cool: a mixture of tech and progressive that fits the earlier and later sets."
Regarding his music and songwriting inspirations, he said, "I suppose simply life inspires me the most. Different feelings and experiences that can be positive or negative or everything in between, all of them can inspire you to create great music. For example, love can make you write a beautiful track but then again, also a misfortune of some kind can drive you to create something beautiful in a different way. Naturally, I prefer the positive experience over negatives but you do not always have a choice."
He had nothing but the greatest remarks about signing to Armada Music. "It feels wonderful to be part of an industry legend that has been one of the major forces in getting all kinds of trance out to people. Having followed Armin Van Buuren as a youngster and having now a collaborative track with him plus being part of his label, things feel great. I have worked a long time as a solo artist on my own so I am really looking forward to being part of a team to share all kinds of ideas to make the most out of my music," he said.
On being an artist in the digital age, he said, "It has both bonuses and downsides. From one perspective you can reach the world easily and you can make music with your laptop wherever you go. You can share your art in new ways through social media and with the right personality, you can explode as an artist even if you do not make good music. You get instant feedback on tracks via social media which can make things very rewarding when the feedback is positive."
Giusto continued, "The downside is that the competition is fierce and it can be very hard to stand out. It is harder to create life-long classics and the overall lifetime of a track is shorter. Back in the day, you might have made a good living just as a producer but these days it can be quite tough to earn enough for just basic needs due to lower record sales and streaming services. On top of that, if the feedback on social media is negative, it can understandably feel quite harsh."
Regarding his plans for the future, he said, "If I would have to name three most important: to graduate in time as a dentist, travel around the world playing great music to fellow dance music fans and to find enough time to also enjoy everyday life with the people I love."
For young and aspiring DJs and producers, he said, "Focus on finding your own sound and have faith in it, practice makes you a master. Try to 'network' with people and be flexible if good opportunities arise. Sometimes you have to give to get. Remember that your sound constantly evolves and trying out new things can lead to something great and unique. Keep in mind that if one person does not like your track, it does not have to mean that it is not good. But if many say the same, do not take things personally, the next track might be it."
He listed Vini Vici and Simon Patterson as his dream collaboration choices in music. "I love Vini Vici's energy and drive in their tracks, and they have been very innovative as musicians. Also, I have enjoyed Simon Patterson's music since 'Bulldozer' and I think we could create something absolutely crazy."
On the impact of streaming services on the music business, he said, "Streaming makes it possible for you to reach millions of people and discovering new music has never been this easy. They offer their listeners 'similar music options' and playlists which can help people find you faster. On the downside, royalties from streams are not very good and sales are getting worse all the time so unless you reach millions of streams with your productions, it might mean tough times financially. So, as a listener, I love a service like Spotify but as a musician, my relationship with it is a bit more complicated. But streaming is here to stay so you just have to try to make the most out of it."
Giusto defined the word success as follows: "Achieving goals that you have set in the past and doing something great at whatever you do. In the world and society, I suppose success is often determined by money or good income but I would like to broaden the term as there can be many kinds of success stories."
For his fans and listeners, he concluded about "Paradigm Shift," "I would like to thank all of my fans for their time, feedback and support throughout the years. You can make my days so much better and even just one positive message or a tag can bring the sunshine over me. I hope you enjoy 'Paradigm Shift' and I promise to do my absolute best to keep delivering standout productions. Hope to see you soon somewhere around the world and when I do, come throw a high five."
To learn more about Tempo Giusto and his music, check out his official Facebook page and his website.
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