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article imageInterview: Claire Mortifee discusses new single 'Ouroboros' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Mar 24, 2017 in Music
Singer Claire Mortifee chatted with Digital Journal about her new single "Ouroboros." She also opened up about being a life coach and reiki master.
On her single, "Ouroboros," she said, "My good friend, producer Chin Injeti and I were having our weekly session and this song just blossomed. It was literally like Chin picked up the bass, I picked up the mic, and the music appeared. My husband was at the studio in Vancouver with us that day, and Chin had the idea for me to record dancing around the room on a live performance mic…it really captured the spirit of the moment. We ended up using that take on the final cut."
On March 29, she will be performing an acoustic set in New York, as well as teaching a yoga class. "I'm very excited," she said. "At 10 a.m. next Wednesday I have the privilege of facilitating my first East Coast Holistic Wellness Workshop! It’s called Uncovering Your Innate Wellbeing and it’ll be at The Yoga Collective in Chelsea. Honestly, it’s hard to tell you what to expect because I’m going to be speaking intuitively! I do, however, expect meditation, dance, affirmation, maybe some poetry and definitely lots of spontaneous sharing. Entry to the event will be sliding-scale with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the David Lynch Foundation, an organization that teaches abuse-survivors Transcendental Meditation. At the end I’ll sing an acoustic track off my upcoming album Medicines, which is due out May 22. My trusty ukulele Vladamira will be making an don't wanna miss her though."
Regarding her future plans, she said, "In the future, someone's going to gift me with a G-Wagon covered in solar-panel-paint that I will then tour the world in. On that tour, I'll be completely focused on joy - plus I'll be sharing outstanding pieces from my clothing line, along with other radical tools for self-expression + well-being (music definitely included). Manifesting is easy! I stay remembering Source, and Source stays remembering me."
Aside from singing, she is a life coach and reiki master. "A couple years ago, I was spending so much time on self-care out of necessity, I decided to develop a career that could mirror my practices. I am highly sensitive and there used to be many days where I’d wake up in such profound grief that I couldn’t work on my career as a musician. I knew I had to go deeper within my Self and Spirit if I wanted to live my purpose. So I got my Reiki Master Practitioner certification, I went back to college and got my Life Coach certification - and now I’m grateful to be able to offer my friends, my community - and most importantly myself - a more in-depth understanding of what these beautiful tools for healing are," she said.
Each day, she is motivated by her excitement of experiencing Source through her art. "Whether it be the art of crafting my thought patterns, the art of loving my husband, of putting an inspired outfit together, of catharsis through song, or the art of taking true time off. Staying conscious that Source is behind it all," she said.
She listed BJ the Chicago Kid and Chance the Rapper as her two dream male duet choices.
For her fans, she concluded, "'Ouroboros' is the snake that eats its own tail…a symbol that exists in Indigenous art on every single continent. She reminds me that every time I feel like a part of me is dying, I’m also being nourished by new wisdom.
So thank you, fans, for being receptive to the Spirit of this song. Thank you for being receptive to your own Inner Guidance. Thank you for being open to your own healing - which is to say thank you for jamming, dancing, letting it get stuck in your head, and having these mantras bounce off the walls as you belt it in your shower! Now that's prayer."
To learn more about Claire Mortifee, check out her official website.
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