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article imageHaley & Michaels talks debut album, 'Hail Mary' and dream duets Special

By Markos Papadatos     Nov 19, 2019 in Music
Country duo Haley & Michaels chatted with Digital Journal about "Hail Mary," their songwriting inspirations and their dream duet choices.
On their debut album, they said, "We have been working on this album since we started our duo. So it’s been years in the making and that’s what we are so excited about. It has all of the songs that we are most proud of. Including the first song we ever wrote together that made us want to be a duo, and our wedding vows in a song and other music that nobody had ever heard."
Recently, they had the pleasure to play the Today Show. "It was such a life-changing experience playing the Today Show. We will never ever forget performing and seeing Hoda in the corner of the room singing along to the words. It was so surreal," they exclaimed.
On their single "Hail Mary," they said, "We wrote 'Hail Mary' about overcoming challenges, both professionally and personally. Our dreams and our career are the same thing so it all blends together. We wanted to write about the tough times but from the perspective of not going down without a fight. It was important to us that the song left people feeling hopeful and energized."
On being artists in this digital age, they said, "In many ways we are very grateful for this digital age. We’ve had so much support from John Marks at Spotify. The streaming services really give you the ability to reach people everywhere, and the fans get to decide for themselves what they like. That is so valuable and cool for us as artists, and we love it as music lovers ourselves. Also, it’s really great to get to be in touch with fans on social media and get to have that connection."
"At the same time, sometimes it does make us sad and that people don’t really listen to records or CDs and we feel nostalgic about the days you would go to Tower Records and pick out something brand new and you could hold it in your hands and put it in your CD player and take it all in that way. But all in all we are grateful for these times," they elaborated.
They listed "The Price I Pay" as the song from their album that they love the most. "That's the first song we ever wrote together called 'The Price I Pay'," they said.
Regarding their songwriting inspirations, they said, "We get inspiration from many different places. Sometimes it will be something from one of our pasts, a hope for the future, a conversation with a friend, or a TV show storyline that just hits home. Mostly everything starts with a feeling that is just overwhelming, and the rest comes after that."
Haley & Michaels selected Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood as their dream collaboration choices in country music.
For their fans, they concluded about the debut album and "Hail Mary," "Thank you for being a part of our journey. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or if you’re just now hearing about us, you are the reason we get to do what we do. We have been making our debut album from the start, though at times we didn’t know it."
"Even though we are happily married, we write about all different, real sides of relationships. So we hope there will be a song that makes you feel happy or inspired, or lets you know that if you’re sad you’re not alone, and that you feel like we’re connected," they said.
"Hail Mary" is available on Spotify and on Apple Music.
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