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article imageGareth Emery talks 'The Lasers' album, 'You'll Be OK,' 'Elise' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jun 22, 2020 in Music
Electronic star Gareth Emery chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his forthcoming studio album "The Lasers," which will be released on July 10.
On his upcoming album The Lasers, he said, "I wrote most of the songs last year. It was a cool process because I wanted to write all of the songs and all of the lyrics. The songs are very personal to me since they involved things that happened in my own life. Also, for the first, I used one vocalist on the whole album since I wanted it to feel like a band as opposed to a DJ album with laser features. It was very different than the albums I've made before."
The first single is called "You'll Be OK," featuring Annabel. "That's the most trance song on the album. The timing of that song was really strange. I wrote that last year while I was on a plane that I thought was going to crash. I wrote the song as a message to my family. Then, when Coronavirus happened, it felt like it was the song that the world needed. There was so much doom and gloom and so much negativity out there. I felt that people needed a song stating that things will be all right," he said.
Speaking of "You'll Be OK," he listed that as one of his personal favorite tunes on the new album. "That was the one where I had the most goosebumps. The song was affecting me emotionally for a long time," he said. "Other than that, every song on the album is very personal to me. Picking a second or third favorite song is really really difficult."
"Elise" was a song that was named after my second daughter. "Elise had to wait nearly three years to have her own song. When it's your kids, you want to make sure the song is special. When I got the melody down, I knew it was perfect for my daughter Elise," he said.
Now each of his daughters, have a song of their own. His first daughter has the song "Sansa" in her honor.
Emery shared that he would love to someday work with Irish singer-songwriter Janet Devlin ("Lost") again. "I would love that," he exclaimed. "We did an unplugged, acoustic concert a few weeks ago, and Janet sang in that concert. It was really nice to work with her again. Her voice is just insane."
He hopes that he will be able to tour to promote this new album, The Lasers, in 2021. "I'm hoping we can get back into touring next year," he admitted.
Emery shared that quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic has taught him to do a lot of things around the house. "When quarantine began, we moved into a big house, and there's so much to do. I didn't want any new people in my house, so I learned how to do things via YouTube videos. It has been cool to learn new skills. I also learned how to edit videos. Video editing is a nice skill to learn," he said.
"Cleaning is good. I learned to mop the floor. I had never done that before. For a while, I've been doing all of the mopping, and it is quite therapeutic," Emery added.
For Emery, success is "feeling good about how I spend each day, as a parent, as a musician, and as a husband."
The Lasers is available for pre-save by clicking here. "Give this album a chance and thank you for your support," he told his dedicated fans.
To learn more about electronic star Gareth Emery and his new music, check out his official website and Facebook page.
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