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article imageThe Bold and The Beautiful's Don Diamont opens up about new book Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jul 2, 2018 in Entertainment
Veteran soap actor, Don Diamont, who plays Bill Spencer, Jr. on the hit CBS daytime drama series "The Bold and The Beautiful," chatted with Digital Journal about his new book, "My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other."
On the idea for this book, Diamont said, "I ended up at a dinner party, where I sat next to a woman named Jan Miller. We were just talking about life, and she told me that I have to write a book. It turns out that Jan is the premiere literary agent in the country, and when Jan wants you to do something, you just do it. Jan is really a dynamo. She is amazing."
The actor acknowledged that writing his book, My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other, was far from a cathartic process. "Writing this book was extraordinarily challenging and difficult. Recounting those events in such minute detail was just unpleasant," Diamont said. "I would describe it as difficult, painful and unpleasant. A lot of times it was really arduous. Writing this book was the hardest thing I had ever done."
For Diamont, Father's Day has a special two-fold meaning. "I certainly always think about my dad, and my wonderful memories of the years I didn't have with him. I am really grateful that I was able to recreate what I had lost in the book. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be a dad of boys," he said.
Each day, Diamont is motivated simply by being "above ground." "Every day is a blessing, even the challenging parts. I appreciate being above ground. It is great to be alive," he said. "I enjoy spending time with my wife, family, friends and my cast-mates and producers. I work in a wonderful environment, and I am so grateful for that. I make the most out of life, and being here, around my loved ones and the people that I care about."
On May 29, 2018, Diamont had a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Carle Place on Long Island. "That was really fun," he said. "People were really enthusiastic, and they were really happy to see me. It is always nice when you get the chance to get out of the studio, and see your fans up close and personal. New Jersey was also a terrific turnout."
On balancing a family life with an acting career, Diamont said, "It's not even a challenge. I am well-suited for this medium for my lifestyle."
Diamont shared that there is nothing that he doesn't like about his character, "Dollar" Bill Spencer, Jr., that he plays on The Bold and The Beautiful. "There is nothing I don't like about Bill," he said, with a laugh. "I love that he is so complicated. He is an absolute 'win-at-all-costs' person. His battle is to be his best self vs. everything he is about. In ways, Bill is his own worst enemy. It is really fun playing Bill."
He noted that he enjoys doing scenes with both of his on-screen sons on The Bold and The Beautiful: Emmy winners Scott Clifton (who plays Liam Spencer) and Darin Brooks (who portrays Wyatt Spencer). "I love the scenes I do with both Darin and Scott," he said. "I certainly like when we are all getting along, and we have our more lighthearted scenes. Those are a lot of fun. I am very blessed to have such wonderful actors to work with, and they all wonderful people. I am incredibly fortunate."
As an actor, Diamont noted that being dialogue heavy is the hardest part of his profession. "That is definitely the hardest part of what we do. The amount of material that we cover in such a short time is really intense. Our goal is to get everything done in one take," he said.
For aspiring actors, Diamont encouraged them to be "as prepared as they can be." "Be as knowledgeable as you can be. Learn the business, and learn your profession. Be an artist, and learn your trade. This advice holds true in any profession," he said.
Don Diamont
Don Diamont
The Bold and The Beautiful
When asked about the impact of technology in the acting world, he noted that there is a plethora of streaming services (such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu). "They are certainly taking over, and the work on there is high-quality. They have so much freedom to be creative," he said. "It is really exceptional programming."
Fortunately, despite all of these viewing options, his daytime drama series The Bold and The Beautiful is doing extremely well on CBS. "I am proud that we are going as strong as we are with all of these challenges and viewing options. We are still doing what we are doing, and it's really wonderful," he said.
When it comes to scripts, he revealed that he is "old-school," and that he uses hard copies, as opposed to digital versions. "I need to have paper in my hand," he said.
Diamont defined the word success accordingly as "family." "My wife and my kids and having a really wonderful home life. Ultimately, that is really what matters. My professional success has allowed me to provide for my family, and bring a lot of stability to my family and life," he said. "Being a really good husband and dad would be my priority over anything else."
For his dedicated daytime fans, Diamont concluded about his book, "I hope the fans are able to take something away from the book. I hope the book has a positive impact, in any small way. I hope it's a good read and enjoyable for people. Optimally, if it gives somebody some comfort or if they can take something positive away from it, especially when having to deal with losses and challenges in their personal lives. Then, I feel like I have accomplished something."
Don Diamont's book My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other is available on Amazon.
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