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article imageJosh Brolin's daughter, Eden Brolin, talks 'Blood Bound' film Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jan 11, 2019 in Entertainment
Actress Eden Brolin, the daughter of veteran actor Josh Brolin, chatted with Digital Journal about "Blood Bound," which is available On Demand on January 15 via Film Mode Entertainment.
On her experience working in the horror film Blood Bound, she said, "It was definitely one of the more memorable projects I’ve ever worked on (in a good way). Aside from Rich being a really wonderful director, the cast and crew were all very tight-knit and we all lived at a little inn while we shot, so we were in each others company for the majority of the time."
"It was a little bit like summer camp," she admitted. "In another fun way, the vibe up where we were in New York had just the right amount of strangeness to add to the experience of shooting and to the way the movie turned out."
She added, "It's a crazy movie, but a fun one to watch for sure and quite unique, like a really detailed fever dream. Enjoy."
Brolin also opened up about her character, Kerry in Blood Bound. "I think my favorite thing in Kerry that I kind of envy is her ability to just move forward and make decisions without much hesitation. What I like least about her is that she’s a big fish in a small pond and she seems too young and bored to realize how much she has ahead of her and how lucky she is. I don’t think it’s fair to dislike somebody for that though, it just makes you want to take them by the shoulders and shake them," she explained.
Each day, Brolin is motivated by "coffee" and the "good people" that she keeps around her. "I also get a terrible feeling when the sun is going down and I have wasted time in the day. try to stray away from that feeling as much as possible, it is not nice, so that ends up being a good motivator," she said.
Brolin continued, "Among a few things, something I love about acting is being able to see how the cogs in every machine are affected differently on each project I work on. I love being able to see the variables change on every film and adjust to their surroundings, resources, and other new variables. It makes me really appreciate people's individual experiences and how everyone does their job on a set differently in an effort to create something collectively."
On her plans for 2019, she said, "I am going to be working on an indie feature in February, then I’ll be going to Jersey City to play Ophelia in a production of Hamlet with a new company called Shakespeare@. Aside from that, I’ll be moving back to the East Coast with my beau, which I’m really stoked about."
Digital transformation of the entertainment industry
Regarding the impact of technology on the entertainment business, Brolin said, "With the combination of my generations' impatience and need for immediate gratification and the many streaming services we have at our fingertips, I think there is something in that takes away from the experience of waiting for and then finally greeting a movie as it comes into the theater and then, again, waiting for it to be able to come home with you several months later. I really liked something in that."
She added, "Then again, I think the Internet has also made real quality, not to mention often important stories far more accessible than they may have been before. I'm just nostalgic."
On Brolin's use of technology in her daily routine as an actress, she said, "I used to think it was important for myself to have a major social media presence, but I kind of gave that up. I deleted Instagram because I ended up being on it too much of the day. I use email a lot, it’s how I get all of my information as an actor, and I also use an app called RehearsalPro that helps me memorize lines when I'm alone and on the go."
For aspiring actors, Brolin said, "I don't think I am in a position to be giving advice, but if I were, I might say go with your gut, have respect for your own progress and the progress of others as people making things creatively, and work hard so as to leave a little sliver of your heart behind on every project you do."
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