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article imageJames Patrick Stuart talks 'General Hospital,' music, fan events Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 12, 2019 in Entertainment
Veteran actor James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine on "General Hospital") chatted about his music and upcoming fan events in New York.
On September 20, he will be performing a show with Emmy-nominated actor Wally Kurth at Governor's Comedy Club on Long Island, which will involve music and a question and answer session with the fans.
On the following day, September 21, they will be performing at Rockwells in Pelhman, New York. "There is going to be a lot of vocals. It will be a good mix," he said. "The most fun is when I get to sing with Wally, especially when we get to sing a Chad & Jeremy song since my voice is very much like my father's. A Chad & Jeremy song would have to happen."
"People should come out and listen to me and Wally sing in the upcoming four shows in September. That will be a whole other side to me. We will get a chance to talk. It will be quite an intimate evening and it will be very personal," he said.
On Sunday, September 22, Stuart and Kurth will be at Uncle Vinnies Comedy Club in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.
Stuart shared that his music is inspired by irony, love and life experience. "Life becomes more of a melody," he said. "There is so much drama early on and now I see an opportunity to smile and sing about a lot more things the older I get. It has become a lot more fun. The ideas just come father."
"Also, I have been in love with my wife for 20 years, and she makes every moment a melody," he added. "It is easy to write songs about her."
On his character, Valentin Cassadine, on General Hospital, he likes that "when he falls in love, he falls in love forever." "I find that very respectable," he admitted. "Ultimately, what I like least about him is the blurry line between love and possession. He manipulates and he lies more and more to make sure the truth doesn't come out today."
He approaches learning lines and tackling dialogue as he would be a session musician. "You start to pick up the melody. If you go over it a few times and you go over the scene, you start to see where the story goes. The actual order of the words comes last. You start to feel the melody first, you start to see the story that is being told and then the words fall into place last," he explained.
On October 20, Stuart will be a part of the General Hospital Fantasy event in Tarrytown, New York, along with William deVry, Donnell Turner, Kathleen Gati, and Wes Ramsey. "The fans can expect a lot of wise-ass remarks," he said, with a sweet laugh. "The fun thing about these appearances is giving the fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes on and sharing with them what a day in our lives is like."
For young and aspiring entertainers, he said, "The music business has changed so much since I was a young man and my father was in the music business. Those days, you could see a lot of records. These days, you need to play live gigs to make money in music."
He noted the resurgence of vinyl and he shared that he has a lot of vinyl in his house. "My 17-year-old son has a ton of records," he said.
Looking back in a rear-view mirror over the past 20 years, he said, "I see a kid looking at the future so bright, he had to wear shades, and he wasn't disappointed."
Stuart defined the word success as "getting the chance to do things that inspire me and getting a chance to help others do the same."
James Patrick Stuart's music is available on iTunes and on Spotify.
To learn more about actor James Patrick Stuart, check out his official website.
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