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article imageJames London talks about 'Cupid's Crossing' audio drama series Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jan 26, 2021 in Entertainment
James London chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about starring in the audio series "Cupid's Crossing," produced by James Lott Junior of JLJ Media, which is coming just in time for Valentine's Day.
"This is my first audio series ever, so I’m very thankful and grateful for the opportunity to play such an iconic character like Cupid," he said. "The experience has been very fun and organic as I’m naturally a person with a lot of love in my heart and not necessarily talking about a girlfriend because I’m single, but because of life overall and all the blessings I’ve been fortunate enough to receive."
"Love is my natural modus operandi and 'go-to' emotion. James Lott, our director, and producer has made it a joyful process as well because he lets the cast be creative, improvise lines if they enhance the scene, and is overall a very positive and supportive person," he said.
He exclaimed that it feels great to be playing the lead in this audio drama. "I feel absolutely elated and have a lot of fun during our recordings. I’m always excited when it’s time to do my scenes. The character fits me naturally, which keeps me positive and confident in my delivery," he said.
He continued, "Although, I don't take myself that seriously, I do take the responsibility of this series and playing the lead, very seriously... so I strive to both shine in my role, while also gladly giving extensive energy to my costars and castmates so that they too have great energy to react off of."
"My drama teacher (Master Floyd) always says; 'there's no I in the word team, but there's no U in it either.' And speaking of the cast, they've also been very kind and supportive and a real joy to work with," he added.
Regarding his daily motivations as a performer, he said, "The challenge to keep learning, growing, creating, embodying and surrendering to a role that I can be proud of upon seeing the final product on the big/small screen or whatever platform it is presented in."
On being an actor in the digital age, he said, "I love technology and all the opportunities that are possible because of it, even my theatrical/comedic demo reel is online. It feels great to be able to reach out to more people and collaborate with others utilizing the various tools of social networking and online connective platforms. For example, like in the Cupid’s Crossing series we’re recording, I love the craft, the process, the camaraderie, and the joy of dedicating myself to bringing James' words to life from the page to the (audio) stage."
"Of course, I ultimately would enjoy more in-person, interactive connections with my costars/cast (which is tragically almost considered "old school" today) when it's safe to do so; but at the end of the day, no matter what the platform, I am all about the tremendous amount of positive energy that goes into co-creating those priceless moments that ultimately please our Director (James)," he elaborated.
For young and aspiring artists and performers, he said, "Never, ever give up. Keep pushing on your journey and don’t stop until you are living your dreams. Ultimately the dream is captured in the struggles of the training and the hard work. I always reflect on the training and preparation that it takes to embody any role."
"I would also say, you must be fearless and remember that 'if something is worth doing, it’s worth overdoing,' as the great Sammy Davis Jr used to say," he said. "Lastly and most importantly, get yourself an acting coach that challenges you to outdo yourself daily (reminding you that you are your only true competition), never celebrates mediocrity, and takes pride in seeing your growth and dreams coming true... it truly makes the difference."
On his future plans, he said, "I'm new to the business but devoted, studying privately four hours a day / five days a week for the past year, with an amazing Acting Coach (Eric Floyd's Reactionary Intensive), so we plan to be in L.A. while my little Brother, Johnny Diablo is recording his debut Reggaeton / Pop album next month, I'll be going to auditions while simultaneously trying to find a Theatrical Agent."
He continued, "I also co-authored (with my Acting Coach, Eric Floyd) both a screenplay and book of an original romantic dramedy called; Tainted Love that is not only a starring vehicle for me, but the female lead was written specifically for CARDI B., whom we're trying to get in touch with now to present to her," he said.
"I'm one of the dancers for international Pop/Dance, multi-platinum recording artist, Wanda Dee, who is also Eric's Wife , and if Covid-19 doesn't cause any further travel / live show delays, I should be on stage in New Castle, England before some 50,000 people as she headlines The Rezerection Festival on May 1st; which officially kicks off our world tour. That has me really excited, because it actually combines two of my favorite past times, performing and travel. And lastly, to be a part of more amazing and fun projects that will enable me to keep improving in the craft that I've now dedicated my life to," he said.
London defined the word success as follows: "Peace of mind, happiness, loving family and friends, and being able to wake up every day feeling grateful about the opportunity to have a new kickass day."
He remarked about Cupid's Crossing, "This is an audio smorgasbord... a true buffet for your ear with truckloads of drama and silliness that is both comedic and entertaining. A much-needed break from the ills of the world broadcasted and lambasted on CNN and MSNBC."
I would also highly suggest to the listeners that they expect the unexpected as you go through each episode, for you never know just what actually may happen to anyone that should find themselves in the crosshairs of Cupid's Crossing, he concluded.
To learn more about rising actor James London, follow him on Instagram.
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