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article imageQ&A: What is digital real estate? Special

By Tim Sandle     Dec 19, 2019 in Business
Digital real estate is virtual property and it comes in many different forms and with interest from both sides of the market - buyers and sellers. The sector is going to even bigger in 2020, as an industry expert explains.
Emil Alon, CEO and Founder of Resonai discusses with digital journal what digital real estate is, why it’s pertinent to understand, how it’s used and why it’s the next big thing in both the tech and real estate industries.
Resonai is pioneering the use case of digital real estate and leading the way in AI understands that digital space. Alon started Pebbles Interfaces, which developed VR/AR sensing technology, and specialized in gesture control. It was acquired by Facebook for $60 million in 2015 to bring its gesture control to Facebook's Oculus headset. He’s written over 30 patents in his career.
Digital Journal: What is digital real estate?
Emil Alon: Resonai’s Vera is empowering building owners and operators by helping them convert their physical buildings into a new asset, digital real estate. With the Vera Platform, any space can be transformed into an Intelligent Digital Canvas for advertising, promotions, branding and commerce opportunities of all types. Content and experiences can be injected into the Intelligent digital space remotely to continually offer new experiences and monetization models.
DJ: How can digital real estate be utilized?
Alon: Real estate owners and operators will begin to control their digital real estate, and learn to convert it into a revenue generating asset. A key value proposition of using platforms like Vera is to give building owners and operators full control of the digital space to populate it with new user experiences, collect advanced analytics, control user permissions, and provide new monetization channels that we believe will outpace those of physical real estate.
DJ: What is Vera?
Alon: Vera, created by Resonai, is a computer vision platform for commercial real estate that converts any building, mall or entertainment center, into an intelligent digital twin. Resonai scans a physical space and sends the scan to the Vera AR cloud to create an intelligent 3D mesh of the physical space in the cloud, that communicates with Vera apps on mobile devices.
End users can download Vera to their mobile device and immediately have access to Vera applications. These applications offer precise AR navigation without the use of any markers, ability to communicate with any device or agent in the space, highly accurate 3D search, the ability to inject AR content remotely at anytime for new end user experiences, and much more. Vera applications operate with unparalleled understanding of the environment and its 3D structure, while leveraging Vera’s AI capabilities to constantly learn and improve the capabilities within the environment.
DJ: How is AR technology changing the real estate experience?
Alon: Today, AI & AR are being used to solve real-world business issues in certain verticals like the manufacturing industry. However, outside of that, this technology is largely known as a novelty mainly used for consumer entertainment. AR is on its way to becoming specifically regarded as a business solution that solves problems across the commercial real estate industry and changes the way businesses operate. AR will expand into new industries within physical real estate such as malls and other retail facilities. Key product features will include:
AR for Indoor Navigation
AR search
AR ticketing systems
AR for immersive Brand experiences
Leading applications and use cases include:
Smart Ticketing for building maintenance and operations
Smart buildings and IoT Controllers
Digital concierge and smart access control and navigation of buildings
AR Tutorials
AR Brand Marketing
DJ: How is artificial intelligence changing the real estate experience?
Alon: AI is becoming the single largest innovation catalyst for CRE and we expect this impact to magnify dramatically in the next few years. With more data, stronger algorithms, and cheaper and more accessible computation, come new possibilities.
Vera’s advanced AI platform is fundamental to giving any physical environment true intelligence. This includes very accurate object recognition, ability to interact and add logic to an environment, and allow devices and agents to interpret as humans would.
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