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article imageNew attribution and dispute resolution service for rights holders

By Tim Sandle     Dec 11, 2019 in Business
Pex has announced a potentially game-changing update to their Attribution Engine tool. Pex Dispute Resolution is a neutral dispute resolution mechanism that motivates creators to defend their content when they believe it has been unjustly used.
Given the issues plaguing rights-holders and large platforms that rely on user-generated content, creative individuals are either faced with going it alone and seeking redress, or using the services of a disputes resolution company. One such company is Pex, especially within the entertainments field.
Pex is one of the industry leaders in music and video analytics and digital rights management. The company offers new generation fingerprinting technology and the world’s largest database of video and audio. Pex created the Attribution Engine as a way for rights-holders and platforms to mutually use a free, third-party system for managing online content and complicated rights disputes in the service of creating a complete and accurate picture of who has ownership of assets.
The Attribution Engine (enables content creators and rights-holders to digitally register their video and audio library and then to establish custom distribution and licensing rules for their content.
The new service from Pex, while allowing creators to defend their content, also discourages over-claiming. the basis is that when the Attribution Engine informs the platform of a match in user generated content, the platform applies the licensing policy the rights-holder placed on the content.
According to Amadea Choplin, COO of Pex: "We know the health and vitality of online content systems, spread across dozens of platforms, depends on a clear framework for claiming and protecting creator rights. Without this clarity, rights-holders are often bogged down in takedown and other types of claims, and creators of new content that may draw on older works can’t get a clear answer about how to license content and on what terms.”
Once established, uploaders are given the chance to dispute claims against their uploaded content. The Attribution Engine helps with the protection of online copyright and fascilitates the next phase of content rights.
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