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article imageArtificial intelligence primed for voice recordings

By Tim Sandle     Nov 26, 2017 in Business
A new artificial intelligence platform has been launched, marketed as an ‘in-meeting’ intelligence that can listen, make notes and identify key moments that occur in a meeting an follow them up.
The new device comes from Voicera (formerly Workfit, leverages) and the designing company has released a beta version of the software. The mission of the company is with centering on meetings and making the processes that stem from them more efficient. With meetings, unlike email, these are separated from enterprise workflows.
Voicera’s beta service is called Eva. The artificial intelligence processes outputs from meetings, as Omar Tawakol, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Voicera, explains: "Meetings are the most important collaboration tool in the workplace -- more so than email, IM or other collaboration systems -- yet they are the most inefficient, underperforming and effectively siloed portion of our day.”
The technologist adds: “Our goal is to integrate meetings into the enterprise workflow and dramatically increase the productivity of both the in-meeting and post-meeting experience. Meetings should be the crucibles where ideas are born, tested, evolved and ultimately gain flight."
Security measures
To overcome concerns about eavesdropping, the Eva system can be added as a participant to meetings and also announce its presence. The way Eva works is to capture real-time data, whether this is at an actual business meeting or via a conference call. The information captured by Eva is interpreted and sent to Voicera’s platform. Here items for follow-up are displayed.
To make the conference call aspect work, Voicera has teamed up with the BlueJeans video meeting platform. Content generated here can be used with other platforms used by many businesses, such as Salesforce.
Potential applications
Hence Voicera’s meeting insights, actions and outcomes can be readily integrated into existing enterprise workflows. This should allow businesses to improve their productivity. There is also the possibility of a customer facing aspect, should the technology be used for external meetings, for instance between a sales representative and a customer.
Another potential application is with call centers. Optimizing agent performance and progression is important for call centers as phone agents are often faced with difficult scenarios. Artificial intelligence Eva can assist with this process.
For more business related artificial intelligence news, read the Digital Journal article "Artificial intelligence solution for human resources."
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