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Iverson's Debut Good, but Bad

By Kristofor Molson
Posted Dec 8, 2009 in Sports
The much anticipated date of 12/7/09 was in the mind of every Allen Iverson and Philadelphia 76er's fan that waited for the return of Allen Iverson to the team he started with. The 76er's fans showed their appreciation for Allen Iverson by giving him a standing ovation when Iverson was introduced in the starting line up and kissed the 76er's logo in the middle of the court.
Iverson was getting himself acclimated back to the National Basketball Association and was more than happy to be back in the starting line up. Iverson took a back seat to the new leader of the team Andre Iguodala and played more of a supporting role. Allen Iverson debut was spoiled by his former team the Denver Nuggets in a 93-83 loss. In that game Iverson only scored 11 points with 6 assist in 38 minutes.
Look Iverson thought he was out of the league for good and retired from the NBA, but was given a gift by the Philadelphia organization before Christmas. Allen Iverson showed how he really wanted to play and his love for the game in his tearful press conference. Allen Iverson got what he wanted which is to be able to start for a NBA team.
It took a threat of Iverson retiring for teams to consider signing him. His former head coaches Larry Brown and John Thompson II had to take an interest in him to try and talk him out of it.
Iverson was wrongfully traded from the Denver Nuggets and had the right idea when he left Detroit and Memphis. There was no way that Iverson should have came off the bench behind Rodney Stuckey or Mike Conley. I wrote plenty of blogs on how Iverson should be on a NBA team, but I see why teams were hesitant. Iverson does look like he lost a step and has a hard time finishing around the rim, but he's still a competitor.

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