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article imageWatch this guy shoot through a washer in mid air with a .38

By Alex Allen     Mar 9, 2015 in Odd News
In a new YouTube video, a popular trick shooter uses a .38 special to shoot through the center of a washer without hitting the sides.
A new video posted to YouTube shows popular YouTuber 22plinkster shooting straight through the middle of a washer in mid air with a .357 Magnum/.38 Speical gun. The sharp-shooting YouTuber is known for his trick shot videos in which he attempts difficult shots with various firearms. His usual caliber of choice is the .22lr but he will occasionally branch out, as he did in this new video, which was just posted earlier today.
22plinkster started off the video by showing off his firearm, a Henry Golden Boy .357 Magnum/.38 special. He then held up the washer. It was an average looking washer, which he claimed had a half-inch hole in the middle. He said that shooting through the middle of a washer that size without hitting the sides was something he had done with a .22 caliber in the past but he had never attempted it with a .38.
After giving a few safety tips about the trick shot, he started shooting. The bullet went through the center of the washer on his first attempt but it did hit the side. He said he wasn't happy with this result so he decided to try it again. On the second attempt, the bullet made a clean entry and exit through the center of the washer, without hitting the sides.
In order to authenticate the trick shot, 22plinkster had his cameraman follow him when he picked up the second washer. There were also no cuts in the video during or after the trick shot, which seems to prove their was no manipulation in the editing process.
22plinkster has nearly 200,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and 14 million views. Some of his previous trick shot videos have included shooting a swinging nickel with an upside down pistol and shooting the cap off of a bottle without causing damage to the bottle.
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