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article imageMove over, 'Minions' are here

By Tim O'Brien     Jul 9, 2015 in Entertainment
For Universal studios, the summer has been real nice. First "Jurassic World" took the box office by storm and now come the "Minions."
The PG-rated "Minions" will make mincemeat out of the box office and take over easily. Just how much it will make, of course, is yet to be determined. With the projection process taking a hit lately, let's just say over $100 million. That is huge and falls on the heels of "Inside Out," which raked in $90 million when it opened, domestically.
Now "Inside Out" is not a Universal film, but "Minions" is and they will take down the other animated film out right now. The yellow wise-cracking characters will have wide appeal and is not just for the kids. The buzz has been huge, as are the promotional efforts. The yellow (and blue) are all over and they even have a tie-in with Twinkies.
This is also a marketing home run. The characters are likable and that is all that matters. So kudos will need to be given to the marketing department after this weekend is out. One could not help but chuckle at the trailer or the ads on TV for this one.
Whether or not adults end up liking it does not really matter, this one is going to be huge. "Inside Out" is doing superb numbers and is currently outpacing "Frozen," but now come the "Minions." Of course, "Frozen" became much more than just a film to see as it grew and grew. There is no indication "Inside Out" has that ability.
"Minions" has already opened overseas and it is off to a great start. It opens in North American tonight (July 9), with preview showings.
1. "Minions" - TBD
2. "Gallows" - TBD
3. "Self/Less" - TBD
Some may say the cast helps for an animated movie, but in the end, kids do not care who does the voices. That may matter to adults, but kids, not likely. But the voices for "Minions" are Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney and Steve Coogan. It is written by Brian Lynch and directed by Pierre Coffin.
One would be hard-pressed to overhear a kid in the theater say, "Hey, isn't that the guy who starred in 'Mad Men'"? Even a "Beetlejuice" reference would be hard to muster up for the kids at this point. No way would a "Birdman" reference drop for a youngster. or adults, for that matter (hardly anybody saw that film).
Warner Bros. is releasing "The Gallows" and it will go nowhere. The horror film may be in need of reinventing itself. They all use the same techniques now and need to use better plots rather than camera tricks.
Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley star in the PG-13 film titled "Self/Less." It, too, will go nowhere.
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