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article imageToy tester for Toys 'R' Us to retire at age 14 [Video]

By Anne Sewell     Nov 18, 2015 in Entertainment
An official toy tester working for Toys 'R' Us is about to retire — at the grand old age of 14. Alex Thorne has done the job for three years, but now he’s reached the maximum age — he "can’t hog the awesomeness of this job” any longer.
You’ve probably heard that child labor is a bad thing. Well, when it comes to being a toy tester for Toys 'R' Us Canada, it’s the best darn job out there. Oh and by the way, he outlines some of the great toys ready for Santa to place under the tree this coming holiday season.
Alex’s official title is Chief Play Officer (CPO) — yes you heard right — and he says it's the best job he could ever envisage having. Trouble is, under the rules of his employment at Toys 'R' Us, he has to retire from his incredibly joyful position once he hits the age of 14 in December this year.
While in the past juggling work, personal life and school has been hard for Alex, he says he will miss the job. According to Yahoo News, Alex said his job as CPO involves him testing the various new toys produced by the company, along with participating in interviews to discuss the features of the various fun products, as in the video above.
“My job as chief play officer is to test toys. Toys R Us sends me toys; it’s my job to play with them and know what’s really awesome about them.”
According to the Inquisitr, Alex did say he is kind of sad to leave the position of CPO, but realizes other kids should have the opportunity too, saying, “I can’t hog the awesomeness of this job.”
In an interview with Global News in the video above, Alex shows off some of the latest offerings for this year’s holiday season, likely to get a lot of kids really excited.
With Star Wars: The Force Awakens soon to hit the theaters, naturally there are loads of related Star Wars toys on offer with everything from some very fancy light sabers through to good old Yoda, along with many other fun toys like Minions, the latest Monster High doll and interactive, fun and educational toys for the younger kids.
One of the great Star Wars related toys available from Toys R Us for the holiday season.
One of the great Star Wars related toys available from Toys R Us for the holiday season.
Global News video
While Alex will perform his last toy testing during November, Toys 'R' Us is reportedly starting to go through the applications received from other kids, hoping to become the new CPO in 2016.
While Alex is excited about the prospect of high school and all that entails, he says he will miss getting all those great free toys, but he does say he will be helping to interview all the finalists for his replacement. Apparently his younger brother, Carter, will also be sad he’s leaving the job, as he got to play with all those great toys, without having to do any of the work.
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