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article image'Dragon Blade,' starring Jackie Chan, hits China on Feb. 1

By Can Tran     Jan 2, 2015 in Entertainment
Jackie Chan and John Cusack team up against Adrien Brody in the upcoming "Dragon Blade," which is the first major budget movie in the history of Chinese cinema.
If you have watched your fair share of martial arts films, you surely know of Jackie Chan, whose Hong Kong fame turned into Hollywood fame, but he has retired from Hollywood. That does not mean Chan is through with making and starring in films. He still retains his popularity in Asia, which means he is still doing Asian movies.
His recent films have been done in China and Hong Kong. There are examples to draw upon such as Shaolin and 1911. Chan took a backseat as a support character in Shaolin, which stars Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse. In 1911, Chan only had one brief combat role, which proves he is capable of being able to act in non-martial arts films.
You can stream Chan's recent films on Netflix.
In February, Chan's latest film hits theaters across China. This film is Dragon Blade and it could become the one of China's biggest films. This film stars Chan and stars both a domestic and international cast of characters.
Chan plays Huo An, who is an official framed for a crime he did not commit. He befriends a Roman officer, Lucius, portrayed by John Cusack, who is imprisoned by the antagonistic Tiberius, who is portrayed by Adrien Brody.
Tiberius wants to unify the entire Silk Road under his banner.
Lucius escapes captivity and makes it to the deserts of Western China, where he meets and befriends Huo. The two of them join forces against Tiberius' reign.
Australian actress Sharni Vinson is also cast in the movie in a small role as the Queen of the Roman Empire. Vinson confirmed her part in the movie during an interview taken place at this year's London Film and Comic Con.
Vinson said that she's an admirer of Chan, who is focusing on philanthropic pursuits. She explains that Dragon Blade is the biggest budget movie to date in China. Vinson explains that her character is accidentally responsible for Lucius getting locked up because their characters are in a forbidden romance.
The film will screen in China on February 1st, which is the start of the Chinese New Year.
It is unknown if or when Dragon Blade will screen internationally. There is the possibility it will stream online for international audiences. Do not be surprised if you see the film streaming on either Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video.
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