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Women brawl over parking space, fight ends with double stabbing

UPDATE: The second video which shows the actual fight has been deleted from Facebook. The young lady who was stabbed is alive and in stable condition.

This is one of two brawls involving women fighting at Rouge Park where one was subsequently stabbed. There are unconfirmed reports that she lost her life, although that cannot be verified at this time.

What is truly appalling is all of the people filming, especially the men, none of whom stepped in and intervened.

We have begun to operate on a sub-human level.

Posted by Cliff Woodards II on Sunday, April 9, 2017

Apparently the fight was over a parking space. It occurred on Sunday evening at Rouge Park, located in Detroit’s northwest side. Aric Tosqui, 6th Precinct Cmdr., said it was unfortunate that society finds these kind of things entertaining. Tosqui said in this incident, people got hurt while everyone else just filmed it instead of actually doing something to stop it.

Tosqui said the case is being investigated, but one of the victims involved was not cooperating. Numerous videos were posted to Facebook, but there may be more making their rounds on the site. Police are working to gather all the videos so they can figure out what exactly happened.

The video shows two women fighting on the ground, both throwing punches and pulling each other’s hair. A crowd can be seen watching and cheering them on.

All of a sudden, a women emerges from the crowd and says she was stabbed. She was transported to a nearby hospital and she’s in stable condition. The women fighting were taken into custody, but as of now no charges have been filed.

Apparently there were hardly any places to park due to the huge crowds that gathered at the park on Sunday. Police said the victim and her friend were about to pull into a parking space, but women in another vehicle pulled into it.

That led to the fight. Police believe either a knife or box cutter was used to stab one of the victims. Another woman had a laceration to her arm.

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