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Woman plunges 60 feet in department store, lands on display bed

It’s believed she fell near the escalators in the Greater Manchester area department store, Mashable reports.

She was taken to the hospital after the incident.

The area where she fell is usually used for seasonal displays, The Guardian reports.

Shoppers said they heard screams as the woman plummeted from the glass balcony and landed on the bed, reports.

Paramedics attended to the woman’s minor hip and spine injuries before taking her to the hospital where she is reportedly in stable condition.

“We are glad that the customer’s injuries are not thought to be serious, and wish her all the best for her recovery,” a spokesperson for the department store told the Manchester Evening News.

The store was closed four hours early so that police could further investigate the incident.

Department store staff who witnessed the frightening incident have been offered support by their employers. Shoppers were also traumatized by the incident and watched in shock as staff administered first aid to the woman before emergency services arrived.

The Guardian reports the incident isn’t being treated as an accident or a crime.

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