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UFO sighting: Alien spacecraft passed by with asteroid, site says

UFO Sightings: “Diamond shaped and flat”

The site UFO Sightings Daily, which has over 22,000,000 page views and counting, has examined photos of the asteroid and the object that accompanied it. They wrote that the object was not shaped like a moon but shaped like an alien spacecraft, a craft that had control over how it moved through space.

“This asteroid has a UFO flying in orbit around it. We can see from the detailed photo that the craft is diamond shaped and flat,” UFO Sightings Daily (USD) writes about the ‘moon’.

“NASA of course goes on to say that this flat object which does not flip over end is a moon. Wrong! “Any moon this thin would be tumbling end over end. This object is keeping itself steady, flying like a ship would in space.”

NASA’s statement on the object hovering around the half-a-kilometer wide asteroid was considerably different, maintaining that it is a moon in a regular orbit around the asteroid and that such a phenomena is a common occurrence.

“In the near-Earth population, about 16 percent of asteroids that are about 655 feet or larger are a binary (the primary asteroid with a smaller asteroid moon orbiting it) or even triple systems (two moons),” NASA said.

Horse-shaped UFO in Mexico

The asteroid and object were photographed and studied extensively as they passed about 745,000 miles (1.2 million km.) from Earth, or three times the distance to the moon. “It’s a relatively close approach by a relatively large asteroid,” Don Yeomans of NASA said last week before the objects passed. “So it provides us a unique opportunity to observe and learn more.”

UFO Sightings Daily not only tracks contemporary UFO sightings but has information on sightings from the past. In addition to this and other recent UFO sightings, it has information on a ‘horse-shaped’ UFO seen hovering yesterday over the volcano in Mexico.

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