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Two police in Bronx of New York shot, wounded, suspect unknown

There are conflicting reports in media of where they were hit but the police have now said one officer was shot in one arm and the lower back, and has undergone surgery, the other in the chest and one arm and is in stable condition. Their injuries are not life-threatening.

NYPD officers shot

The two were shot at the intersection of 184th Street and Tiebout Avenue near Fordham University, the Times report said. The local CBS2 news station said they were responding to a call of a robbery at a grocery store at about 10:30 p.m. when they were shot.

There were two suspect descriptions given to the two officers, who attended along with three other plainclothes officers. They spotted two men who matched the descriptions given to them, one inside a Chinese restaurant, the other outside of it.

Police Commissioner William Bratton said the officers identified themselves and as they did the man in the restaurant came out firing. In addition to two officers being hit, one of the suspects was believed to be hit.

The two escaped together in a stolen car, later found abandoned with a gun inside of it. Police said a man checked himself into a local hospital sometime after the shooting with a gunshot wound to his back. Police have not yet called him a suspect but are investigating the man and his injury.

Two officers killed on Dec. 20

The New York police force and the city are on alert after the murder of two officers on Dec. 20. In that shooting, NYPD officers Rafael Ramos, 40, and Wenjian Liu, 32, were shot and killed by a black male who had written online that he was going to kill police officers as retaliation for the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York. The man who killed the officers committed suicide with the same gun shortly afterwards.

New York, and other areas in the U.S. has seen a cycle of unrest stemming from the deaths of blacks at the hands of police. Since the deaths of the two officers the NYPD has reduced their work load as a form of protest, handing out fewer citations and other tickets. They say Mayor Mayor Bill de Blasio’s too strong support of protestors has created an “anti-police” sentiment in the city and made their job more dangerous.

It is not known if the Monday night shootings in the Bronx is connected to the ongoing issue of the police and the black community, or if it was simply a perpetrator shooting at police to affect a getaway from a crime scene.

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