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Trump seeks US troops cuts in Japan and South Korea

Trump wants more money to pay for troops

Grennel noted that the withdrawal simply sends the signal that Trump thinks that US deployments are too costly and those countries where US troops are stationed need to pay more of the costs of supporting the troops that are there. The withdrawal from Germany was about 30 percent of the over 34,000 troops stationed in the country.

Grenell was quoted as saying: “This is a hotly contested issue in the United States. Donald Trump was very clear, we want to bring troops from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, from South Korea, Japan, from Germany. It doesn’t feel like something that gives too powerful a message, other than Americans … are getting a little tired of paying too much for the defense of other countries. And this has been a very political point that President Trump has made for a long time.”

Polls show that the German populace would rather see US troops withdraw than face increased expenditures for their upkeep. Trump may end up still having to pay for the upkeep of the troops he withdraws without any extra funds whatsoever if the withdrawn troops return to the US.

US trying to get even more money from South Korea

The talk of US troop withdrawal comes as the US is also putting pressure on South Korea to increase its financial contributions to pay for the 28,500 strong force there under the bilateral cost sharing deal called the Special Measure Agreement. There have been months of failed negotiations.

South Korea offered considerably more to the US and already pays more than many countries but the offer did not come close to Trump’s unprecedented demands. The Koreans are unlikely to give in to Trump’s demands. Japan is also unlikely to accept Trump’s massive new demands.

The enclosed video notes that Trump is asking for more money to sustain troops stationed in foreign countries.

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