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Suspect bites, pepper sprays Macy’s worker so accomplice escapes

Loss prevention employees approached the pair, and Kevin McKissick, the man she was with, allegedly pepper-sprayed one employee and bit the other as the unidentified woman fled the mall, investigators said, according to 11 News WPXI.

McKissick was apprehended at the store, but the woman remains at large.

Witness Michael Conroy, 18, was leaving the Macy’s Monday night to go to an emergency medical technicians class when he encountered a woman in the parking lot. The woman ran up to him and tried to grab his passenger door, he said, so he stepped between her and the car and asked “Can I help you?”

“She was like, ‘you got to help me. My boyfriend is trying to rape me.’ I said, ‘Well, do you want me to call the police?’ And she said, ‘No, you can’t. He’ll go to jail. He has drugs on him,'” Conroy said.

He said he later learned that the woman was the second person allegedly involved in the shoplifting incident, Fox25 reports.

“She just kind of seemed scared like she was trying to get away as fast as she could. I didn’t feel threatened by her,” he said, per Consumerist.

Apparently incidences involving suspects biting people on the arm to make a getaway aren’t all that unusual.

In one instance last June, another alleged shoplifter in Macy’s bit a police officer who’d showed up to intervene, Consumerist reports. This woman also went on the lam, and ran out of the store with handcuffs attached to one wrist. She hopped in a black vehicle missing its’ license plates and sped off.

Just a few weeks after that, a Target employee was bitten on the arm by another shoplifting suspect who also made good on her escape.

It’s violent world out there, folks.

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