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Someone has been pooping at a Norwegian golf course for 10 Years

A story that was published by Rogalands Avis’ Frode Olsen and it said the Stavanger Golf Club in Stavanger, Norway, has been finding poop in cups for the last 10 years. This has continued on for this long despite added security measures, which includes flood lights around some of the greens that the perpetrator prefers to use.

There is nothing definite known about the person behind these incidents, but some people have drawn up their own theories. A groundskeeper at the course said that they believe the culprit is a man because the size of the poop is too massive to be from a woman.

The person responsible for the acts also brings toilet paper along with them, and they do it at night. The golf course eventually installed motion-sensor lights to try and scare the person, but the lights ended up being dismantled by the culprit.

The person appears to prefer to poop on at the golf course on weekdays, as this is the only time they do it.

The staff at the golf course doesn’t find the situation funny, and they would rather the culprit use a toilet instead of their cups.

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