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Shoplifter gets schooled by police after theft fail

Cops in Marietta posted to Facebook last Monday. They addressed the post to a “gentleman” that shoplifted from a pawn shop in the area. The post continued to say that the thief made it too easy and when that happens, then it takes the fun out of chasing bad guys.

A request to the gentleman who shoplifted from one of our local pawn shops today.

Sir, you must have forgot that you…

Posted by Marietta, Georgia Police Department on Monday, December 26, 2016

The shoplifter made their jobs easy because apparently he gave the clerk at the shop his driver’s license. He also provided a finger print on the pawn ticket. After he did that, he decided to steal from the shop. The incident was also caught on camera.

Police urged the shoplifter to at least try to hide. They added that the judge had already signed off on the warrant. The following day, the police updated their followers by posting that the suspect had been caught.

An update to yesterday's shoplifter,

Fortunately (for us) he turned out to be just as bad at hide & seek as he is at…

Posted by Marietta, Georgia Police Department on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Numerous Facebook users left comments on the posts. One user said the police department’s social media person deserves a raise. Another person said the department rocks and thanked them for their service, while another user said they loved the posts and that comic relief was appreciated.

The cops said the guy was just as bad at hide and seek as he was at stealing. They said he was picked up in the morning and they found drugs on him and the stolen property from the pawn shop. The man was brought to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, where he is being watched over by deputies.

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