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Pollution abatement technology extended to Asia Pacific

The new technology will be launched in partnership with other companies in the region, most notably China. To address the business-to-business opportunities, the company has created a Chinese landing page on its website.

On such development involves Ship & Shore working with global paint giant Sherwin Williams for a multi-million dollar project located close to Shanghai, China. Ship & Shore’s mission was to design, build, install, commission, and start-up a VOC Concentrator + Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). Both of these are innovative environmental technologies.

Volatile Organic Compound Concentrators are designed for low inlet paint finishing, semiconductor, spray coating, aerospace, composites, fiberglass, pharmaceutical, flexible packaging and coating applications. The devices are particularly suited where there is a high combination of high volume of air combined with low inlet concentration solvents. Volatile organic compounds are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature; this causes a large numbers of molecules to evaporate or sublimate from the liquid or solid form of the compound and enter the surrounding air (the ‘volatility’).

A major source of VOCs comes from coatings, especially paints and protective coatings. Here the common solvents are aliphatic hydrocarbons, ethyl acetate, glycol ethers, and acetone. VOCs can trigger ill-health effects, including eye, nose, and throat irritation. In addition there can be headaches, loss of coordination, nausea; and damage to the liver, kidney, and central nervous system. For these reasons, addressing VOCs is a key environmental concern.

A regenerative thermal oxidizer is an item of industrial equipment that is used for the treatment of exhaust air. Such devices use a bed of ceramic material to absorb heat from the exhaust gas. The captured heat is then used to preheat the incoming process gas stream to destroy air pollutants emitted from process exhaust streams.

Ship & Shore CEO, Anoosheh Oskouian said in a statement: “As predicted in May, we are seeing an increasing demand from China. Our recent global expansion in Asia is in large part thanks to our excellent relationship with the AQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District, the Southern California EPA).”

This development shows how parts of Asia are responding to the environmental impact that comes from industrialization and the opportunities that exist for other businesses to provide solution-based technology.

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