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Police called after Queen Elizabeth spotted not wearing seat belt

However, the person who made the call was located in a different city than the monarch. They also called emergency services instead of the police station.

Police in West Yorkshire took to Twitter to say that they did receive a call from a local. The Twitter post was accompanied by the hashtags “not999” and “notevenwestyorkshire”.

Tom Donohoe, who is with West Yorkshire Police, told media that he couldn’t stress enough that 999 (UK’s emergency telephone number) is only for emergencies.

The caller told police that they felt it was necessary to call their police force, even though the Queen was in London. However, nothing will happen to the Queen because under UK law, the Queen can’t be charged for criminal or civil proceedings taken against her.

In the UK, it’s illegal to travel in a car without a seat belt. Those caught not wearing one can be hit with a fine of up to £500 ($640).

However, on the Royal household’s website, it does say the Queen is careful to ensure that what she does in her personal capacity is carried out in accordance with the law of the land.

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