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Peter Marks talks ‘The Gift Within Us’ book, online radio, future (Includes interview)

Marks was recently featured in the book The Gift Within Us: Intuition, Spirituality and the Power of Our Own Inner Voice, which was written by PR professional and intuition advocate Mary Ann Bohrer. This book features interviews about intuition with scientists, PSI researchers, as well as 33 talented intuitives from the United States and the rest of the globe. “That was surreal,” he said. “I was honored to be included. When I spoke to the author and when she told me who was going to be in the book, I told her that I was honored to be among the best in the world.”

On his goals for 2020 and beyond, Marks said, “To grow and become more spiritually enlightened.”

He opened up about the various forms of technology that he is using in his daily routine. “Right now, I am using FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, and I am also using Messenger,” he said.

He noted that Zoom in particular is changing the virtual landscape substantially. “I am doing everything on Zoom now: conference calls, international readings, and everything business-related. I am working with CEOs, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, factories, and stockbrokers on Zoom,” he said.

Regarding his daily motivations, he said, “God put me on this planet for a reason. To become more enlightened, and to understand more about what spirituality is all about. Through this pandemic, I lost my ego. I am here to serve mankind, and to be a channeler for the universe.”

A proud moment for Marks included being recognized in the Huffington Post back in November of 2017. “When I was first published in the Huffington Post, I felt incredible. I felt I reached the pinnacle of my spiritual success,” he explained.

Marks shared his thoughts on the future of bitcoin and industries post-COVID-19. “We are going through major changes right now with bitcoin. I think bitcoin is going to continue to have a market as the American dollar is being challenged,” he said. “I hope our industries return back to America from overseas. Otherwise, it will have more time before we recover.”

He does see a spike in online blog talk radio in the future. “Online radio is going to be more popular. I am in the process of doing a podcast and Blog Talk Radio. Everybody is going to be on Facebook and they are going to be redefining how they connect on a media level by getting their message across. Business is going to be facilitated more with podcasts in the future.”

Marks offered the following advice for people during the COVID-19 pandemic: “I want people to reevaluate their lives by seeing all the good they have been blessed with such as their jobs, the families and their children. I want people to reassess their talents and to reassess what they have to offer to the world. I want people to realize that although we are in a pandemic, we will overcome all of this. We need to listen to what the media tells us to do as far as social distancing in order to protect other people. We will be fine.”

The Gift Within Us is available on Amazon by clicking here.

To learn more about Peter Marks, check out his official website.

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