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Penn. city scraps ‘pathetic’ Christmas tree

As a result, the city of Reading, Penn, has gotten rid of the controversial tree, Consumerist reports.

Francis Acosta, president of Reading city council, led the movement to get rid of the tree, which was ultimately successful. To compensate, the city will fundraise to pay for two better-looking trees and the decorations for them. Acosta is hoping to raise $5,000, and whatever’s left will be donated to the United Way.

He has so far raised $1,000 and will find the trees soon.

Before the decision to scrap the original tree, residents didn’t have many nice things to say about it.

“I know Reading is not doing too great,” resident Martin McNeil told WFMZ, “but facing this tree up here is making it even worse.” Another said it looked “sad” and “pathetic.”

Apparently the infamous tree was a last-minute pick from a city park. The original plan was to get the tree from a farm, but the owner wouldn’t let city officials drive on wet ground to get it.

The city is expecting the new trees to be up on Tuesday,

This isn’t the first Christmas tree to get mixed reviews. In 2012, Toronto’s Eaton Centre debuted a new, leafless, neon tree, much to the bafflement of some. The previous Eaton Centre tradition was a tree decorated with Swarovski crystals.

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