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Op-Ed: The threat of Social Justice Warriors ruining political discourse

This world is painted with atrocities we must always remember and never repeat. We must entice others to have knowledge of different cultures, and treat most of them with respect. We borrow from other cultures with what we eat, what we see, and what we embrace in a small way. There are times when we embrace the culture in an insensitive way, but the reaction by social justice warriors in condemnation of these activities has attacked any form of dissent with the help of mutually detestable hipsters who need to be offended by everything in order to feel a sense of belonging for the only time in their lives. They are hypocrites to the extreme; redefining words, and bringing a new level of vindictiveness that is only matched by insanity.

Kylie Jenner, a celebrity who just became an adult, decided to change her hairdo. The white as a cracker rich kid dared to get cornrows and social media exploded. Social justice warriors lost their heads and screamed, “cultural appropriation.” They bemoaned her choice to change her hair into a traditionally African American cut, and set out to bully her, and attacked anyone who rightfully suggested the whole incident has been blown way out of proportion.

Some guy I had never heard of, who hosts some show I have never seen, dared to call Amandla Stenberg, a “Jackhole.” That word is not even an insult. If you were called a “jackhole,” you would laugh and move on, but social justice warriors everywhere called for Andy Cohen to be fired. He dared to criticize a brilliant 16-year-old girl who has become a bigger feminist hero than Susan B. Anthony.

Cohen didn’t use a racial epitaph; he didn’t threaten her life, but in the minds of SJW’s his choice of words mean he should be ripped apart and have his career tossed out like a bag of garbage. In that twisted mindset, typing an unpopular opinion means a person should be treated like he punched his fiancé out in an elevator, or molested his younger sisters. The whiny narcissists, who patrol social media like overzealous mall security guards, want Cohen to be another Rice or Duggar, a person without a job, who becomes persona no grata when their crimes hit the Internet.

Every time a comedian writes a joke, he or she must contemplate whether the joke could be construed as offensive. Many comedians refuse to play college campuses because safe zones, and trigger warnings are more secure than free thought and controversial views. If you dare to make light of something in order to express a political opinion you will be shut down by intimidated university administrators; any deviating opinion typed out in social media can ruin your life.

The perfect example is the case of Greg Elliott; a father of four who was fired from his job as a graphic designer after he dared to call out three women for their hypocrisy. Steph Guthrie, Heather Reilly and a third woman, who has since dropped out of the case, reacted to a violent video game invented by an Ontario man that allowed users to punch feminist vlogger Anita Sarkeesian. Guthrie tweeted her desire to see the, “hatred on the Internet to impact his real-life experience,” and even contacted potential employees to prevent the video game creator from Elliot responded by saying the tactic, “was every bit as vicious as the face-punch game.”

Due to bail conditions, Elliott has been barred from using the Internet since charges were filed in 2012. When he was arrested he was fired from his job. The arresting officer in the case even admitted in court the accused didn’t threaten the plaintiffs, or sexually harass them; the court even heard about the shaming campaign planned by Guthrie, Reilly, and friends to demean Elliott’s character, but it is the privileged white male who is facing six months in jail for “criminal harassment.”

This is what social justice warriors do. They condemn shaming, threats, and trolling, but hypocritically do the exact same to their detractors. Like little children who had their ball stolen by the neighborhood bully. Now Guthrie and Reilly have taken the incredibly extreme step to waste valuable law enforcement resources, and set a dangerous precedent by attempting to send a man to jail for disagreeing with them.

The hypocrisy is shown even more in the sad tale of Cohen. In their story about the Twitter rage, Mic posted tweets from the craziest of the crazy who threw out blanket accusations; making the most insane comments about the situation. @AuntyAdwao claimed, “Whenever the Black community is rightly angry about an issue, the white media showcases a Black celeb saying that we’r wrong. #boycottbravo,” which tells the world you can never disagree with African Americans, especially if you are part of the evil white media. That tweet is bigoted, but acceptable because non-whites can’t be racist. @thusspoketalia claimed Cohen “prefers ignorant black women flipping over tables to intelligent ones who dare to speak up on BS,” because disagreeing with one African American woman means you don’t like any intelligent black women.

This is nothing but pure insanity that has ruined sociopolitical discourse.

Hundreds of Aboriginal women are missing, or have been murdered. Girls are getting abducted into sex slavery, women are being lashed because they dared to leave their house without a male family member; and we are putting a man on trial for “criminal harassment.” Elliott didn’t stalk the women, threaten their lives, or make false claims against them. He didn’t commit rape, assault, or harass the women at their jobs. He simply challenged their views and actions.

The very actions social justice warriors condemn are the methods they use to demean people. Feminists all over the world have marched in bras to protest rape, and how they are judged by what they wear. They disdain objectification when a talented woman is judged by her appearance. None of that matters when the subject of the objectification is male.

Dr. Matt Taylor was part of team that landed a module on a moving comet. The project took hundreds of working hours, and brilliant minds to be completed. The comet was hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, and a team of scientists were able to land something, in space, while their landing spot was moving. That’s an accomplishment we shall all view as astonishing. Sadly; a bad choice in clothing made Dr. Matt Taylor change the story from a great scientific achievement into a fuss over a shirt.

If the announcement was made by Dr. Matilda Taylor while wearing a low cut dress that showed off ample cleavage; the very people who judged Dr. Taylor, would be attacking anyone who commented on Matilda’s breasts. The social justice warrior is so blinded by hatred, and their own bigotry, they can’t see how stupid they sound.

Aristotelis Orginos of Medium, perfectly describes the festering sickness by writing, “The problem with this brand of modern social justice advocacy is that who one is as a person (race, class, gender, etc.) is the be all and end all of their capacity to have a certain viewpoint. A millennial social justice advocate can discount an opinion simply because it is said or written by a group they feel oppresses them. It is a logical fallacy known as ad hominem whereby one attacks the person saying an argument rather than the argument itself. But this logical fallacy has become the primary weapon of the millennial social justice advocate. It is miasma to academia, to critical thinking, and to intellectual honesty.”

There was a time when the only words that got you in trouble were libelous or slanderous. You could call someone an idiot, or a sexually derogative term, and all that would happen is someone would give it back to you. You wouldn’t lose your job, and you weren’t arrested. You could say a person was wrong, but you couldn’t call someone a rapist, unless it was proven. People once realized some people were jerks, and some people believed the most idiotic, bigoted things. We decided whether to have that person in our lives, or just ignored those ideas. We didn’t resort to shaming, or go all out in orchestrating the public hanging of people through social means.

Social justice warriors are not as bad as child pornographers; or terrorists obviously, but they are a sickness that is ruining the Internet. Being controversial is a sin, having disagreements is shamed. It is a movement full of whiny, hypocritical narcissists with nothing to better to occupy their minds. They are angry, lonely souls without meaningful lives, whose only pleasure in life comes from harassing and bullying people on the Internet.

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