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Op-Ed: Dismissing #AllLivesMatter completely misses the point

Liberals brand themselves as tolerant of different races, cultures, and sexualities. They are supposed to abhor race based ideas, but when it comes to white men trying to pull Americans together and speak the truth, the liberal hate machine flares up and sets fire to any idea that doesn’t push their white men are evil narrative.

The progressives who wear the t-shirts and chant “Black Lives Matter,” have committed themselves to a good cause. It is true; the black kid walking down the street should have his life valued as much as the white kid drinking a latte at Starbucks, but when a white man utters the phrase “All Lives Matter,” he may as well be burning a cross in his backyard.

Martin O’Malley, who could have done something better with his time, joined Bernie Sanders at the Netroots Nation conference to talk about criminal justice, and police brutality concerns. O’Malley, who didn’t have much of a chance to win the Democratic nomination to begin with dared to say, “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.” The boo birds rained down on O’Malley and he was forced to apologize later by saying, he “-meant no disrespect.”

African Americans aren’t the only people victimized by crime, and they aren’t the only segment of the population who has been killed by police. In fact; in the past two years, more white Americans have been killed by police than African Americans, but that doesn’t matter. Merely mentioning white people being killed by police doesn’t fit the white guy is evil narrative. Whites are always the perpetrators, never the victim. The only people who have had their lives ripped apart by police have been African American.

Mic, which is a cesspool of white shaming, used Monday as the day to attempt to shut down anyone who dared to write or say those three words. Using the comments from social justice warriors as the words of God, Mic attempted to shame anyone who dares to value all life. The publication cited an interview of author Judith Butler who said, “One reason the chant ‘Black Lives Matter’ is so important is that it states the obvious but the obvious has not yet been historically realized. So it is a statement of outrage and a demand for equality, for the right to live free of constraint, but also a chant that links the history of slavery, of debt peonage, segregation, and a prison system geared toward the containment, neutralization and degradation of black lives, but also a police system that more and more easily and often can take away a black life in a flash all because some officer perceives a threat.”

That may be true, and the event that started it all was the death of Trayvon Martin, but the protests were reignited after Eric Garner was killed by the NYPD. There may be elements within the movement that calls for racial equality across many lines, but the biggest cause for protesters to hit the streets is the problem with police brutality. A sickness running wild in America that is affecting everyone.

Kelly Thomas was a schizophrenic homeless man who pleaded for his life, apologized, and cried to God as two Fullerton Police officers beat him to death on video. Both officers were acquitted. Dillon Taylor walked out of a 7 Eleven wearing headphones and was shot dead by police. No weapons were found on his person, and prosecutors refused to press charges against the officer responsible. James Boyd was killed because he was camping illegally. All three were white; do their lives not matter?

What about Gilbert Collar, an unarmed 18-year-old white man who was naked and on drugs? He was killed by an African American police officer, and liberals refused to to make the same case about the killing like they did for Michael Brown or Eric Garner.

Matt McGory from Orange is the New Black claimed in a series of tweets that saying “All Lives Matter,” means the you are, “undermin(ing) a very needed movement,” and claimed without evidence that those who utter the words don’t move from behind their keyboard.

Even more maddening, Mic also cited a blog Julia Craven that claimed, “Saying “all lives matter” is nothing more than you centering and inserting yourself within a very emotional and personal situation without any empathy or respect.” Well Mrs. Craven, all lives do matter and I dare you to show how I do not feel empathy or have respect for the unarmed African Americans who have lost their lives at the hands of cops. Personally, I have written stories about Ferguson, and Eric Garner with as much anger as I wrote about the death of Kelly Thomas, and I am not alone. Those who say all lives matter do so not as a call for disrespect. They do so as a call to value all lives the same.

Thomas’s life was just as valuable as Tamir Rice’s. Condemning the use of all lives matter only dismisses the lives of white men and women who have been unjustifiably killed by police. Police brutality must not be eradicated for the benefit of African Americans, but for the lives of every single man and woman that were snuffed out by police without any justification. To bemoan the use of “All Lives Matter” only means you are an intolerant, dismissive fool who sees issues in black and white, instead of shades of grey.

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