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Op-Ed: Kicking out Santos is a cultural move in what looks like a circus

Does that look organized to you?

A formal ethics inquiry into Representative George Santos found 'overwhelming evidence' of misconduct
A formal ethics inquiry into Representative George Santos found 'overwhelming evidence' of misconduct - Copyright GETTY IMAGES/AFP Anna Moneymaker
A formal ethics inquiry into Representative George Santos found 'overwhelming evidence' of misconduct - Copyright GETTY IMAGES/AFP Anna Moneymaker

The ousting of George Santos was supported by a lot of Republicans. Some didn’t support it at all. The split personality of the GOP is old news, but this time it has a practical side.

It’s unclear whether MAGA had anything to say on this subject. Maybe they’re above politics. Maybe not. The general view was apparently that despite the small Republican majority in the House, he had to go.

Since when do ethics play a role in US politics, anyway, you may well ask? Since just now, it seems. Another rather dubious loose cannon, Matt Gaetz, has also been violently stirring the ethical waters with possibly similar consequences. That’s messy and could get a lot messier quickly.

There are a few obvious factors in play:

It’s an election year.

The GOP also has to deal with the MAGA crowd in the election.

There’s no reason to think that the GOP can or will simply be spectators to more disasters. Their jobs are on the line.

The various GOP and MAGA mavericks are supplying vast amounts of negative headlines for the Democrats.

Many House seats could easily go either way, so the party does have to manage its image.

It only takes about 5 seats in the House to secure a Democrat majority.

Generally, things are looking pretty dim for the Republicans. Their guys are in the news for all the wrong reasons, all the time.

So, what do they do, and what can they do? Clearly, the GOP has no control over MAGA. House members are supposed to be governed by House rules, but you’d hardly notice.

Given the extraordinary domestic turmoil in the States about practically everything, the problem is deeper than it seems. People could be forgiven for thinking what they see is what they’re voting for.

The Trump factor has focused America on politicians to the exclusion of all else. He may have a charmed life, for now, if not for long, but they don’t. Tantrums are not a God-given right of politicians. Nor are so many alleged criminal offenses.

People are doing it tough. It’s more than likely that the sight of yet another politician getting away with everything is a bit more than even America will tolerate. There is such a thing as too much.

You’d have to be living on another planet to believe clogging the courts with relatively minor Republicans is a good idea. The sheer monotony of the Trump hearings alone is looking very like the last gasps of The Apprentice. That show did get canceled, you know. Due to a lack of interest.

Meanwhile, Santos is running for second place Republican maybe- presidential nominee against Nikki Haley, the GOP’s current alternative to Trump.

…Meaning he’s running against a second-place-getter to someone who may be disqualified from running at all.

Does that look organized to you?   


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