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Op-Ed: Activists wonder if four confined women are still alive

For 14 years Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher have been held captive by the Kingdom for having the gall to call for their father to improve the rights of women, which included free travel without male companionship. When they took to social media to appeal for their release last May; the four princesses were robbed of their trips with armed guards outside their compound for food. Since then the women have struggled to survive off of distilled sea water and food covered with mites.

The four women are daughters of the deceased king and Alanoud AlFayez, who is in exile in London after King Abdullah divorced her more than 20 years ago. In an interview with the The Daily Mail last year Sahar,and Jawaher, argued any world leader who meets with the King or any Saudi official is responsible for the actions of the Kingdom and what happens within the country. President Obama met with King Abdullah last year, and although the four princesses and their mother pleaded for Obama to do something, the president returned to Washington without doing a thing.

King Abdullah is not only a man who has imprisoned dissidents and abused migrant workers; he is a man who enslaved his own daughters without trial, cutting them off from the outside world because they dared to challenge his views on women and push for more human rights. The man who Obama praised as “always candid and had the courage of his convictions,” has put his own children on a path of death.

The Twitter account of Jawaher has been inactive since January 19th, same with her sister Sahar, which is leading many to question whether the women are still alive. The four daughters expressed weakness and confessed to a single meal per day when they had communications with the outside world. Now,without being active in social media, the four princesses could be dead while Obama awaits to praise a psychopath.

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