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Op-Ed: How the racist and regressive left has increased racial tension

The “tolerant” regressive left that live within liberal media, and the authoritarian movements they embrace, believe political views should be dictated by race, while simultaneously practicing bigotry aimed to judge an entire segment of the population. Their bitter obsession with race is being used not as a uniting force, but a divisive wedge between races

After weeks of sports commentators criticizing Cam Newton for celebrating every touchdown he makes, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King dug up an old story previously published by various newspapers, to go after Peyton Manning over the accusation that he sexually assaulted a trainer while he played quarterback for the University of Tennessee. Sports journalist and African American Jason Whitlock took King to task by saying, “The guy that wrote this story for the New York Daily News, he’s not a journalist. He’s a race hustler from Twitter, from the Black Lives Matter movement who stirs racial controversy to elevate himself.” What culminated was a social media war of words where King resorted to typical black Democratic tactics, of questioning an African American’s race, when said person disagrees with an opinion.

King tweeted to Whitlock, “Truth is, @WhitlockJason has mainly kept a job because he’s the guy white folk use to throw Black leaders under the bus. Steppin fetchin.” King then called Whitlock a racial epitath and insinuated Whitlock only has a job because white people hired him to call other blacks racist.

Whitlock then invited King on the Colin Cowherd radio show, he was guest hosting to discuss the Manning article, and King resorted to nothing but racist, personal attacks. Again, King claimed Whitlock is not a man with his own brain, and own opinion by saying, “You are that dude who will say what conservatives love to hear,” King said before adding, “You will always have a job because there is always a job for a black man who will say what white men are thinking,” even going as far to saying he is blacker than Whitlock.

That tactic is a tired, and overused method used by African American liberals to dismiss black voices who dismiss liberal democrat talking points.

The prime example of the insulting belief that race should determine political views was shown in 2014 when an Ebony editor called RNC staffer, Raffi Williams a, “white dude.” Appearing on Fox News with his father, political commentator Juan Williams, the former spokesman for Republican Rep. Dan Benishek’s said, “There is, among liberals, this idea that if you are a black person and you don’t fit into the liberal orthodoxy, liberal way of thinking as they have pre-determined, then––it’s free to call you a roach… or, you know, an Uncle Tom, a traitor.”

In the eyes of the supposedly tolerant left, every single African American must support big government, the welfare state, and believe the Democratic Party is the arbiter of truth for the black community. African Americans like Whitlock, Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Larry Elder may as well be white people sipping coffee at Starbucks while they discuss their CrossFit routines.

History shows, just like they did with gay marriage, Democrats only supported civil rights when it was politically expedient. The belief that only the Democratic Party cares for African Americans is a flat out lie. It was the Democratic mayor, city council, district attorney, and police force that created the turmoil when Freddie Gray died while in police custody. Democrats in Chicago sit back as gang violence has ended thousands of African American lives, and it is the Democratic Party with a predominately African American city council, and Darnell Earley, an African American who switched Flint’s water supply; causing the current crisis. And it is the Democrats who did everything in their power to keep African Americans enslaved.

One year before the 13th Amendment was passed, the Democrats voted against a similar bill to end slavery in the House after Republicans in the Senate voted for it. It was also the Republicans who gave African Americans equal pay when they fought in the Civil War. When the slaves were freed, 100 percent of Republicans voted in favor in both houses, while only 23 percent of Democrats in the House, and 37 percent showed support in the Senate.

While black liberals like Shaun King blindly support the very Democrats who put policies in place that have ruined black communities, they have now sullied a good cause for justice by being unapologetically racist.
The Black Lives Matter started as a respectable organization, with a worthy cause. Police brutality against African Americans has been egregious, and vicious. John Crawford III should still be alive, Eric Garner’s death was not justified, just like other African Americans, but the movement has taken the turn to near lunacy. What was billed as a unifying cause has splintered America along racial lines; effectively making any real progress unattainable.

When the son of a rich man decided to go on a hunger strike at the University of Missouri, he became another figure of the movement, but when ISIS attacked Paris on November 13th, Black Lives Matter supporters went off the rails. Hundreds of people were murdered and injured in various locations throughout Paris, and instead of showing support, and extending prayers to the victims and their families, many who scream Black Lives Matter took to Twitter to type #FuckParis. Although spreading a swastika on a bathroom wall is distasteful, and bigoted, most sane people know the murder of innocents is a far worse, and more tragic crime than a racist symbol. BLM supporters bemoaned, cried, and complained the attention from a rich, spoiled kid was stolen by people who were more concerned about the loss of life. Protesters who segregated themselves by banning white allies from their safe space, and who bullied journalists trying to cover the events, acted like the bitter middle child, desperate for attention.

Martin Luther King Jr., and other civil rights leaders were being pelted by water hoses, had their homes vandalized, and didn’t ask for safe spaces. Their friends and family were being murdered, and jailed by white men, and they refused to place judgement on the entire white race. All of that has been flipped upside down, and ripped apart, by fools who are fighting hatred with hatred, and making issue out of petty annoyances.
The racist attack against white people, on issues that are not related to systemic, or police racism is not a new tactic. Social justice warriors, embedded within the Black Lives Matter movement have attacked white people with ferocity. They coined the term, “white feminism,” to shame white feminists for not being oppressed enough, they perpetuate the lie of “white privilege,” and call any blowback of their racially provocative insanity as, “white fragility,” because in their world, all white people; not the rich and powerful whites in government, should be attacked and derided.

No story shows the utter contempt for whites as much as a hate filled diatribe published on The Root. In an article titled “Dear White People: Here’s a List of Things We’d Wish You’d Stop Doing,” white people have been asked to stop cooking, and eating traditionally African American food, and other petty things like blowing our noses at the kitchen table, and presumably thinking Adele created soul music. The authors Yesha Callahan, and Danielle Young, then claim after a list of 21 mostly ludicrous complaints that reverse racism doesn’t exist. They took individual cases of a white person touching their hair, or not seasoning food to cast judgment on an entire race, and then practiced the tried and true method of social justice warriors to redefine the definition of racism to downplay their vicious bigotry.

Sadly; these views aren’t just presented in African American aimed publications. The Huffington Post who routinely hire sheltered, and spoiled millenialls who are infected by white guilt, perpetuate this crap. In honour of Black History Month, Ali Owens chided white people for saying they don’t see race; which of course is a nice, and respectable attitude towards treating people as individuals. She also blasted white people for claiming racism is dead because of the election of Barack Obama, and for saying all lives matter; but the most asinine criticism was against people who rightfully claim minorities can be racist, when the media and people on social media routinely express racism, and bigotry toward every white American.

In the minds of the racially obsessed, and bigoted social justice warrior, a woman saying, “The white man are terrorist to black people. Period; point blank,” at a protest in Charleston, after the Dylann Roof massacre is not racist. The same woman claiming, “I don’t trust any of y’all, none of you all, cause the Indians called you the blue eyed devil. That’s what you all are. Sorry,” is not racist; nor is telling a crowd, “If you are not of African descent, please stay on the outside of the circle.”

The traditional definition of racism was not a linguistic crime that was to the benefit of white people. Yet social justice warriors who were indoctrinated in public schools, and digested crap spewed by angry and charismatic college professors, refuse to acknowledge their own racism and bigotry. Having in effect destroyed a righteous cause because of their foolish tactics.

It was the American media that helped drive racial tension almost one hundred years ago by claiming immigrants and blacks used marijuana to kill white people. They also took that strategy and implemented it during the drug war by showing black people in handcuffs, and committing crimes. The same thing is happening now, but is being driven by the left social justice media chain that is desperate for views as the field of journalism is being threatened by massive job losses. Websites like The Huffington Post, The Root, Mic, and Salon, create click bait articles that are being used to argue white people are inherently racist, and don’t know how to interact with, or embrace minority culture. They lose their minds every Halloween, and scream buzzwords at anyone who dares to question the anti white male narrative they are obsessed with propagating.

The hateful regressive left is not interested in racial unity; they have no desire to honestly debate the issues and work with their adversaries for the common good. When leaders of a movement cast a killer as a white man before the facts are presented, and when African Americans have their race questioned when they go against a narrative; racial unity, and equality the truth is exposed. When you call people you don’t know racist and privileged, without any real proof, you drive people away from joining your cause and spread division. Unfortunately ,the regressive left is too consumed with anger, and afraid of getting their feelings hurt, they’re blind to the reasoning of the resistance.

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