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Op-Ed: How social justice warriors are ruining universities

It was called a “hate crime,” that drew condemnation from politicians and residents of Austin, Texas. At least six businesses in the city had “White Only,” stickers placed on their doors. In a Facebook post state Rep. Dawnna Dukes (D-Austin) wrote, “Do not allow a racial divide to widen, do not allow the coals of hatred to be fanned. Help everyone push back on this hatred and make the community stronger as a whole.”

That was a nice response, but incredibly flawed. We are not pushing back hatred; we are simply placing hatred onto others, disguising it as “social justice.” When white people post racially divisive signs, or make a racist comment, the response is swift and angry; but when racial division attacks white people, because they are “privileged,” that blatant racism is perfectly acceptable.

At Ryerson’s University in Toronto, a group called the Racialized Students’ Collective prevented two journalism students from attending an event because they were white. The group is another social justice group that reeks of hypocrisy and practices cowardice. Ryerson student and blogger Aeman Ansari defended the move by claiming, “It’s essential, for marginalized groups to have safe spaces on campus to engage with people who understand what they go through,” because white people of course did not march with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and were nowhere to be found in Ferguson.

What Ansari is defending is an attack on free speech based on racism and the fear of being offended. I get offended when a website publishes a photo of a child killed in war, I get offended when someone claims Atheists like myself have no morals, but I am an adult, I don’t run and hide to “safe places” when someone says something I don’t like, or looks nothing like me.

These “safe places,” are nothing but gatherings of weak minded babies who can’t stand to live in a world where people don’t share their opinions. They ban members of a “privileged race,” who have supposedly never been victims of discrimination; even when their banishment is discrimination. Social justice warriors are not the guardians of racial and gender peace, they are using discrimination to attack discrimination, in an insane, and hypocritical game to shame majorities. Sadly, the incident at Ryerson is common among North American universities, where places that used to house unconventional and controversial thought have become ground zero in the attack of free thought and free expression.

At Brown University, senior Katherine Byron was horrified when a speaker who many thought would challenge the existence of rape culture was set to speak on campus. The student claimed, “Bringing in a speaker like that could serve to invalidate people’s experience.”

Byron and other members of the university’s Sexual Assault Tax Force convinced school administrators to open a room with Play Doh, cookies, and colouring books not to set up a daycare, but to give students a “safe place” to avoid a valid and serious debate. A fellow student who helped set up the nursery for grown babies went to the lecture hall to check out the speech, left after a short time because she was, “feeling bombarded by a lot of viewpoints,” that went against her own beliefs.

That student Emma Hall, a rape survivor, believes questioning the existence of a conspiracy to rape all women and covering it up, is diminishing the heinous crime she fell victim to. Although all rape victims should be sympathized with; there is something crazy in the idea that rape victims should be scared of a debate that is not intended to point fingers and laugh at women who were raped.

Not only have social justice warriors hid people from dissenting thought, they have also condemned criticism because doing so is an assault on people’s feelings.

At the University of Chicago, Charlie Hebdo journalist Zineb El Rhazoui scoffed at a students claim that the newspaper’s depictions of Muhammed are offensive. In response, a student wrote in the school paper that El Rhazoui failed to provide a safe place for dissenters to express their opinions. The writer also cried about El Rhazoui being “condescending,” towards the student, who has every right to be offended by Muhammed cartoons, just as El Rhazoui has every right to not be concerned if an opinion hurts anyone’s feelings.

This childish protection of feelings have turned universities into homes of petulant children who take offense to everything that passes through their virgin ears. They don’t respect dissent or differing opinion. They want to live in a world of sunshine and lollipops and are trying to do so by hiding from debate.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali a champion of women’s rights who was born in Somalia, and fell victim to genital mutilation, years before her dad tried to force her to marry an older man, was supposed to receive an award at Brandeis University. She was stripped of the recognition because whiny students complained about an award being given to a woman who dared to question the morality of Islam.

The university explained their decision by claiming Ali’s “past statements are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values,” which must consist of caving into whiny cowards who cry every time someone says something they don’t agree with.

The act of banishing a certain race from an event, or attacking controversial opinion is an affront to everything universities gave us. It was where anti war protests thrived, and where our most intellectual minds were born. Our future leaders reside in these universities, and that is why we should be scared. These weak minded and reactionary fools will turn us into PC robots who will find every word offensive, and condemn non-minorities to lives of guilt and shame.

The sickness that is at the root of SJW’s is festered in racism, sexism, bigotry, and our most cherished right, the freedom of dissent and debate. Social justice warriors live in a fantasy land where everyone is kind, and everyone is safe to live in their sheltered world that allowed them to be immature crybabies. The future that lies ahead is one none of us should want to be part of.

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