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Op-Ed: Hottest day in history — Well done, geniuses

There are no excuses.

Temperatures seen in recent years have stoked destructive storms and flooding, crop-wilting heatwaves and deadly droughts — © AFP Money SHARMA
Temperatures seen in recent years have stoked destructive storms and flooding, crop-wilting heatwaves and deadly droughts — © AFP Money SHARMA

4 July 2023 is officially the hottest day in history. Decades of warnings have resulted in super-high CO2 levels and massive, destructive heat waves. Time-wasting “debates” have achieved this.

The climate debate was always a money-grubbing farce. The basic physics are irrefutable. Any high school kid could have figured it out. There were no constant volcanic eruptions or any other natural sources that could possibly be generating these vast amounts of CO2. The only possible cause was those billions of tons of anthropogenic CO2.

Well, so what? Too stupid to understand the basics, as usual? A lot of people don’t quite get what that means in human and lifestyle terms.

A few pointers:  

  • Heat kills, directly or indirectly.
  • The human body has problems at 35C with losing core body heat. That can lead to multiple severe health issues and death.  
  • Hot temperatures evaporate a lot more water. Water shortages are already common worldwide.  
  • Crops can be totally destroyed. There’s no such thing as a “good” drought. Food shortages are unavoidable in this environment.
  • Rivers are drying up regularly. That was obvious enough in the US and Europe last year. The US has been sheepishly silent on this subject and the big super drought of the last decade.
  • Electronics don’t do well in high temperatures. You know, the kind of electronics you use to live and communicate? Those electronics. It’s a matter of opinion how long a smartphone can last in severe heat.
  • Train tracks and other infrastructure can buckle or break down in the heat through just simple expansion. The physics just won’t go away.
  • Power grids collapse, either through demand or breakdowns. They are incredibly expensive to fix and maintain.
  • China and India are experiencing record heat. That’s nearly 3 billion people at serious risk. In India, they’re talking about “limits of survivability”. South East Asia isn’t doing too well, either, and the Mediterranean is looking vulnerable even by its standards for heat.
  • The European heat wave is basically repeating last year’s disastrous effects. That’s another billion or so people at risk.
  • The Rhine is still in trouble with low water affecting shipping levels.
  • A new El Nino is just starting. That means hotter weather globally.  
  • And so on.

Let’s put this in perspective. All this has happened in a month or so of a single summer. Last year was quite bad enough, economically. The ongoing economic damage will be severe and cumulative over time.

The global food supply can be seriously compromised because regional climates are so severely impacted on a regular basis. There are large areas of the world that can’t feed themselves in good times.  

Another decade of this, and some parts of the world will be unliveable. The Equator is the world’s hottest area by default. At about 50C, living conditions become marginal at best, or more likely un-survivable. 135 million people are predicted to be forced to move.

If you’re proven to be totally incompetent at economics, sociology, immunology, virology, meteorology, and basic science, what the hell are you talking about? Do you want to be extinct? Do it on your own time. Why should anyone else suffer for your stupidity?

There are no excuses.


The opinions expressed in this Op-Ed are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Digital Journal or its members.

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