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Op-Ed: Hothouse Earth: It’s looking worse than ever

A warming-related global drought scenario, affecting Australia, China, and the UK, is adding an extremely high financial and human cost to the realities of warming. Water resources are being affected, and food production is getting hit pretty hard where the droughts strike.
The actual heat is bad enough. According to the Daily Mail, 1000 people died this year as a result of record heat. Japan declared a natural disaster with over 20,000 people hospitalized due to record temperatures. Oman achieved a record [i]minimum[/i] temperature of 108 degrees Fahrenheit for 51 hours. Even for a desert, that’s hot, and it also means the residual heat didn’t dissipate overnight as it usually does in those environments. India is running out of water. In a far less reassuring bit of news, reports that the deadly effects of heat don’t even require record temperatures, with many people dying of heat due to lack of air conditioning, combined with medical conditions.
Remember how many people said there was no such thing as warming? How deliberately dumb can you get?
The new scenarios
According to the Stockholm Resilience Centre in an interview with, the stakes are getting higher as fast as the temperatures, and new factors are emerging:
Feedback loop: Melted permafrost may release methane in much larger amounts, adding more mass and therefore heat conductivity to the atmospheric heat cycles. This added heat may generate further heat-related processes, but it’s unclear what might be triggered. One scenario is the “cumulative” effects on polar melts, which have been hard to predict due to the increasing heat levels, which deliver additional melting beyond expected levels.
Dieback in rainforests: The big atmospheric scrubbers of CO2 and other gases are losing capacity due to dieback. That aggravates the carbon, oxygen and water cycle anomalies caused by warming on a global scale.
Reduced snow and melt: The reduced snow may seem an obvious result of warming, but lack of melt can dry up rivers, delivering a global double whammy of reduced water availability and adding pressure to storage. Over time, this is a truly nasty scenario, reducing groundwater across the board, including aquifers and other essential water sources.
Ocean acidity and temperatures: The CO2 is delivering acidity to the world’s oceans. It’s not known whether the new acidity causes a different temperature profile for ocean waters. Some of the equatorial waters are already at bathtub temperatures, and more heat in the oceans won’t help.
Pollution in general: Pollution includes heat conducting solids, as well as gases. How much of the various garbage patches in the seas, landfills, and waste are generating more heat?
Time to take out the trash – No more useless, time-wasting debate
Given the Paris Agreement, government and corporate actions to reduce emissions, and the overwhelming, obvious damage heat is causing, you’d expect a lot more to be done. Not much is happening at idiot level, meaning government and fossil fuel level. The US “administration”, misnomer if there ever was, continues to appoint climate change deniers and spruik the fossil fuel sector. Fossil fuels for fossil brains.
So much could have been done since 1990. Wasting so much time in the last 20 years of “debate” with these damn office boys has achieved nothing but more problems. Now, they’re not even mentioning the gigantic heat waves, massive fires, pollution, and other niceties of the real world. It’s quite clear that whatever needs doing won’t be done by them.
So – Is it time to put these retards in some sort of home for the rich but insane? Why are so many obvious mistakes and negative actions being taken to make a clear and present threat to humanity so much worse? What use are politicians, let alone corrupt, gutless politicians? They create the problems they never solve. Why are we actually paying these buffoons for total failure and cumulative disasters?
This is about survival. The “human extinction” scenario (link leads to 103 million results of varying levels of credibility) is a new factor, based on predictions of things well known for at least 50 years:
• Water shortages on a huge scale
• Crop failures
• Famine
• Wars over water resources
• Cropland deterioration
• Desertification
• Toxic environments caused by pollution, heat, and dismal health policies
Let’s just say this – Survival is based entirely on getting something right. If the human race goes extinct as a result of its own stupidity, so be it, and good riddance to all fools. I for one am not wearing a “Save The Morons” T shirt. The choice is tolerate obvious catastrophic failure, or manage the issues properly.

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Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia.

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