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Op-Ed: Hey idiots – You’re buying Fentanyl, not Xanax and other junk online

Wise up or die.

Fentanyl. 2 mg. A lethal dose in most people. The diameter of the US penny is 19.05 mm, or 0.75 inches. Source - United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Public Domain
Fentanyl. 2 mg. A lethal dose in most people. The diameter of the US penny is 19.05 mm, or 0.75 inches. Source - United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Public Domain

Well, of course, it had to happen. New studies show that a lot of online pills now contain that wonderful solution to everything, Fentanyl, or “Eternal Aspirin”, as it should be called.

108,000 deaths have been recorded in the US in 2021 from all causes. Now those fun-loving youth social media diseases, Tik Tok and Snapchat have people cashing in on the plague selling certain death or addiction online. Great outcome guys, you must be very proud.  

Yes, this is omni-dumb:

  • Try to imagine that someone selling under-the-counter drugs may not have your best interests in mind, and there’s a LOT of money in Fentanyl.
  • Pills are usually very inferior drugs anyway; they can be, and are, cut with anything from chalk to whatever leftover bath salts or drain cleaners are available.
  • This is premeditated. Fentanyl doesn’t “just happen” to be present in anything. Either you get addicted, or dead. Great choice, huh?
  • It is also quite impossible that anyone adding Fentanyl to anything doesn’t know the risks to users.
  • Would you buy chocolate chip cookies “Now With Fentanyl”? Not if you’ve got a working brain cell. This is also part of the problem; naivete and the theory you’re doing something “smart”. Somehow scoring any utter garbage online is safe? Since when?

Yes, online social media saints, you DO have obligations

Let’s add another dimension or so to this merry tale of dead-brainers:

Social media can’t claim to be in any way unaware of the problem. It’s well known.

What are you doing about it?

Can you be held liable for deaths in context with this situation? Maybe.

Are you so corporate-stupid that you actually want to be in that legal situation?

Remember the other opioid train wreck recently?

You want to be the Sacklers v.2.0?

Laws? There are laws now?

In just about any other country in the world, burying this mass-murdering little racket would be a no-brainer. Not in the US of Whaaat?. Thanks to deregulatory insanity and libertarian hypocrisy, in the US it’s a ponderous process of making law, and truly weird when it comes to enforcement.  

By the time the QAnon duh-hyucks and related political trash have finished whining about “freedom” and “liberating the morgues”, you can be absolutely sure another 108,000 people will at least have had their chance to OD. You can also be sure that Donny Boy will explain to a habitually time-wasting media that opioids are all about him, too. It’ll take years before anything happens.

If you’re thinking of buying anything at all, don’t do it like this. You’ve got no comeback buying this way, to start with. What are you going to do, stamp your little footsies?

Wise up or die.


The opinions expressed in this Op-Ed are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Digital Journal or its members.

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Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia.

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