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Op-Ed: French polls show far-right got less than a third of the vote

So much for media political hype. Let’s try living in the 21st century, shall we?

Melenchon was jubilant over the result
Melenchon was jubilant over the result - Copyright AFP Alain JOCARD
Melenchon was jubilant over the result - Copyright AFP Alain JOCARD

Seems that France decided to respond to the hype about the far right being set to win the election. The numbers according to The Guardian show the left-wing coalition with 182 seats, Macron’s centrists with 163, and the far-right Le Pen National Rally with 143.

You’d have sworn from the earlier publicity that the National Rally would sweep to power. Political media reporting has become more tabloid every day, focusing on image rather than substance. Those pre-election predictions were also obviously wrong.

The noble Western media tradition of refusal to allow editorial policies to come within eighty years of actual events may be getting a bit moldy. We’re not informed what the modern “Left” may be, but nobody’s bothered to find out for all these years.

It seems that unless you’re covered in swastikas and giving birth to thousands of kids with toothbrush mustaches, you’re a leftist. The right has moved so far to the right that everyone else is on the left.

Presumably most “leftists” in 2024 want to restage The Cultural Revolution and storm the Winter Palace? Everyone wants to eat gruel in grotty freezing gulag-like barracks while living in poverty and dream of building another glorious new tractor for their collective farms?

Maybe not.

More likely is the idea that most people, unlike the slavish obsolete news-fossils, have noticed it’s not 1924 anymore despite the serf-like coverage. Others may have even noticed that every Fascist government failed dismally, destroying their countries in wars in the process. Fascism means war with someone, sooner or later.

France just coincidentally had four years of Nazi occupation and Vichy French fascism as well. Perhaps they’re in no hurry for an encore? It’s highly unlikely that Millennials and Zoomers in particular are pining for a return to a past that their grandparents hated.

The UK made a belated return to the 21st century with its polls. Arguably the most utterly inexcusable collection of inept fools in British history were removed. Brexit, aka “Dunkirk in reverse”, has yet to be addressed, but it’s also less likely a Dalek will be running the NHS.

Which leads us to another question I refuse not to ask:

When does Western “news” get out of the museum?

It doesn’t even make business sense. You’d get more hits with Page 3 girls or more likely discount groceries than absurd unnecessary nonentities fearlessly agreeing with themselves about politics.  

People are more worried about personal survival than they are about Little Donny Trump and the rise of socialism among the dirt poor. Nobody gives a damn about politics when they’re trying to keep a roof over their heads.

It’s also just possible that someone’s noticed the poor aren’t raising their rents sky-high and charging a fortune for everything else. How about that? What an uncanny coincidence.

Who are you likely to vote for, someone trying to get you clean water, or someone sending your grandkids broke before they’re born? Tough call, isn’t it? That’s the political reality.

So much for media political hype. Let’s try living in the 21st century, shall we?


The opinions expressed in this Op-Ed are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Digital Journal or its members.

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Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia.

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