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Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders has no grip on reality

While Americans huddle around the Donald Trump campaign to see what stupid, or bigoted statement he makes next; one candidate from the other side of the aisle continues to place his foot in his mouth so deep, his toes have taken residence in his intestines.

At the Democratic debate on Sunday from Flint, Michigan, Senator Bernie Sanders claimed, “When you’re white you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”

Ever since two Black Lives Matter protesters took over the stage at a rally in Seattle, Sanders has pandered for the African American, Black Lives Matter vote, by spreading factually inaccurate arguments that continues to make him look completely brain dead.

In 2015, 24/7 Wall Street compiled data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, found McCreary County in Kentucky had the lowest median household income, making it the poorest county in the United States. The county is 91.6 percent white. According to 2013 study from the U.S Department of Agriculture, the vast majority of those who use SNAP benefits are white; outnumbering African Americans by 40.2 to 25.7 percent. When you look at per capita poverty rates, the numbers are skewed against African Americans who hold a poverty rate of 26 percent, as compared to 10 percent for whites, but Sanders didn’t mention African Americans are more likely to live in poverty than white Americans; he flat out said white people have never experienced the perils of poverty.

Non- Hispanic whites in rural America take up ten percent of the country’s white population, and take up 63 percent of all rural Americans who live under the poverty line. To say white Americans have not experienced poverty is an insulting, and absolutely foolish statement that is rife with historic inaccuracy.

The term ghetto comes from a Jewish quarter in Venice, Italy which started placing Jews in poorly constructed, and cramped communities in 1516. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries Jews in cities like Frankfurt, and Prague were segregated from non-Jews, forced to squalor in terrible conditions rife with malnutrition and early death. The Jews who were confined to the ghetto were from Western Europe.

Only a minority of African Americans live in ghettos, and some of those who live in those communities are white, but you can’t depend on Sanders to adhere to facts. He is the typical Democrat, desperate for the African American vote, who begs for support by being blatantly dishonest. He believes racial equality will come from erroneous claims that label every single white American as the privileged resident of the castle on the hill, while black Americans lay down in the valley desperate for scraps. He has embraced the racially divisive politics of the Black Lives Matter movement that demonizes the entire white race, despite many white people feeling the brunt of poverty, the lack of opportunity, and education. Sanders previously claimed Sandra Bland would still be alive if she was white, despite the fact more unarmed white people are killed by cops than black people. Dillon Taylor’s whiteness didn’t save his life; Kelly Thomas’s white skin didn’t stop two police officers from bating him to death; and the race of Gilbert Collar didn’t stop a black police officer from gunning down the nude, unarmed, and inebriated teenager.

Sanders is a presidential candidate who doesn’t understand the logic behind interest rates for student loans being higher than the rates for mortgages or car loans; and many in the progressive left are trusting this man to improve America’s economy. He believes raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020, while raising payroll taxes will help Americans pay their bills, but estimates highly dispute the his idea of prosperity. According to analysis by the Tax Foundation, “On a static basis, the plan would lead to 10.56 percent lower after-tax income for all taxpayers and 17.91 percent lower after-tax income for the top 1 percent. When accounting for reduced GDP, after-tax incomes of all taxpayers would fall by at least 12.84 percent.” He believes raising the personal taxes on job creators while adding to labor costs will raise Americans from poverty.

The Sanders campaign is predicated on Americans being as economically, and racially ignorant as Sanders himself, and while the senator from Vermont caters to divisiveness he is showing how unfit he is to be President. Blatant dishonesty is not an endearing personality trait, but Sanders has held his lies strongly against his chest hoping his voters value the spreading of lies as much as he does.

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