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Op-Ed: America the Self-Defeating — Ukraine a bargaining chip in US avoiding shutdown

Capitol Hill — The US House of Representatives. — © AFP
Capitol Hill — The US House of Representatives. — © AFP

Everyone knows how insane American politics are, but this is beyond appalling. The leadership of the free world now has to do a deal with certifiable idiots including bargaining about aid to a nation under attack from a Fascist criminal dictatorship that is committing war crimes on a routine basis. This level of cowardice is truly unique.

How much would a war with direct American involvement cost? Any guesses? A lot more than a few billion, perhaps? You don’t say?  

I have now written so often about US government shutdowns I’m surprised I don’t break out in a rash. Shutdowns are Republicans-only tactics. Nobody else is that irresponsible. Or that stupid. This one is worse.

Shutting down the US government is about as smart as sticking your head in a blender. Claiming spending as an excuse is even stupider.

A party that can’t even pretend to run itself is trying to run the country.

Consider the rationale here:

The cost of living is out of control.

So is crime, the national sport, costing trillions per year.

Prices for essentials are destroying the quality of life.

The society is a polarized train wreck.

Not one major national crisis has even been mentioned in the GOP songbook for years. Everybody lives in a flabby moronic coma, apparently.

In their previous term in office, Republicans did exactly nothing about any of these situations. They gave themselves some tax cuts, cranked up the national debt to incredible levels, and left a massive hole.

That debt should come as no surprise. That’s how Trump does his own business, remember? To then complain about spending is beyond belief. A lot of that spending will be managing that debt.

These guys couldn’t run a dunghill and they prove it on a monotonous basis. The worst and most irresponsible moves are their usual choices. Take the leadership of their own party. They’re about to elect a one-term nominee who will spend decades in court due to his own endless disastrous blunders.

The record of total failure also extends to many of the associates of this zombie party. Most Trump associates are in the headlines for the worst reasons.

FOX is in deep trouble. Giuliani is a ghost of himself. Money is pouring out of the party itself. Nobody pays attention to even their own financial reality. Court fees are in the millions on a routine basis. Bills are piling up daily. This is an ecology of systemic financial failure.

Who’s going to pay for the 2024 election? Putin, perhaps? Or some other charity? …And they’re talking about spending?

To include Ukraine in the shutdown deal is absolute rock bottom, even for this ridiculous party of fools. You may be wondering what the excuse for this lunacy might be. There is one.

There’s an “ideological” basis for this idiocy, and it’s as superficial and shallow as you’d expect from conservatives. The original stated meaning of America First was to keep America out of foreign wars. The America First movement died on December 7, 1941. America got sucker punched first. Guess why. America First didn’t keep America out of the war. The war came to them.

You can’t expect a herd of illiterate sycophantic shills to read or understand history or anything else. European wars tend to go global. So do Asian wars, Middle Eastern wars, and drug wars.

The Republicans are as good at fiscal policy as they are at ethics, immunology, ecology, and sociology. Clueless doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Why are the Republicans effectively supporting Putin? Why are the “nominees” incapable of even pretending to be capable of winning? These are the politics of born losers.  

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Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia.

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