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Op-Ed: Abbott’s knighthood move stirs Conservative supporters

Cue a week of puns in headlines, gloating in Sussex Street and among assorted hate media (you know, those outlets that were the love media prior to the last federal election..), leaving behind a slew of embarrassed, vexed LNP voters. Sighs. And the truth is that it’s impossible to make this uncalled for action look remotely justified or even sensible.

I very much doubt that the regal racist would have spent too much of his time in recent years, crying into his gin and tonic, saying: “When is the Australian government going to give me a blasted knighthood already?”

And I don’t blame the left wing groupthink machines for rolling into action. It suggested poor judgement on the part of the PM so then, inevitably, he becomes fair game.

More troubling perhaps is how Abbott seems to be a bit casual with his core supporters’ storage of good will. They argue that it’s high time he stops trying to turn the other cheek and stops attempting to get the anti-Abbott brigade on board. Much as he probably wants to be a unifying, inclusivist prime minister, admirable sentiment though this is, the usual suspects will never offer anything other than loathing when they consider the man, his career, his sincere Christianity, his general persona.

If Tony Abbott personally found a cure for cancer tomorrow they’d soon find a reason to hate him for it. And, when you think about it, John Howard had a rocky start to his ultimately stellar term in office. Although, granted, I don’t think Abbott is another Howard — and Joe Hockey is no incarnation of Peter Costello by any means.

But, I say again, the Labor and Greens should, based on their disastrous impact on the nation over the previous years, by rights remain utterly irrelevant for many years to come. The fact that, somehow, they aren’t should be cause for concern for LNP supporters.

It’s no good complaining about an unhinged Senate, although the random freak show that makes up sections of the upper chamber is no help. Change the system if you think the independents in the Senate are too great a barrier to decisive governance.

Likewise, you can’t complain too much about not being given a fair go in the Fairfax media. There’s a case to be made for enforcing the ABC to honour its charter or provide at least an option for non-moral relativists and non-Guardianistas to be able to opt out of having to contribute to the funding of the public broadcasting behemoth.

But whingeing that those who don’t like you still don’t like you won’t cut the mustard. Meanwhile, Andrew Bolt made an excellent point when he said that at least conservative commentators can find it within themselves to apply criticism where criticism is due.

During the previous government’s appalling reviving of the nefarious people smuggling industry, the ABC, SMH et al. actually decided no longer to report the never ending tragic instances of men, women and children drowning on the high seas.

That, apparently, was not newsworthy. Tony Abbott awarding a crusty of royal apparently is of much more importance, worthy of days and days of whipping up scorn.

Still, we didn’t really have to return to partying like it’s 1959, Tony…

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