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North Korea threatens China with ‘nuclear storm’

For years now, North Korea has had only one ally, China. The vast majority of goods coming in and out of the reclusive dictatorship come from China, as does much of the country’s aid. And when relations have broke down with the rest of the world, it was often China mediating the tensions. Now, however, China may have found itself on North Korea’s “hit list.”

Apparently, a document issued by the Worker’s Party of North Korea has denounced China for siding with the United Nations in regards to sanctions. This was no mere “screw you” document, however. The paper urged North Koreans to hit China with a “nuclear storm.”

A statement read out loud by provincial party leaders apparently said “All Party members and workers must join in soundly crushing China’s pressuring schemes with the force of a nuclear storm for its betrayal of socialism.”
North Korea claim that China is participating in sanctions because it is afraid that the reclusive state will challenge the Middle Kingdom’s dominance in north east Asia. While it’s difficult to imagine North Korea ever threatening China’s dominance, the development of nuclear weapons might be making Chinese leaders a bit skittish.

Further, despite China’s long-standing good relations and support of North Korea, the document apparently claimed that China was never sincere in its relations. It’s important to remember that North Korea only exists because of China’s intervention in the Korean War, which forced the United States and South Korea to halt their advances.
The document also calls China an “enemy-state,” putting it in the same category as the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

While the threats will most likely turn out to be little more than hot air, the deteriorating relations between North Korea and China could strain tensions further and make international negotiations more difficult.

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