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Millennium Falcon drone helps dad remove daughter’s loose tooth

In the video filmed Wednesday, dad Kelly Starrett launches the Millennium Falcon drone, attached to his daughter Caroline’s tooth by a piece of string, reports.

Starrett then posted the video online YouTube and Instagram account, where he even tagged George Lucas, The International Business Times reports.

Caroline doesn’t even seem to be fazed by any of this and appears excited as dad gets the drone ready for takeoff.

“I love you Chewie!” she says, and the drone whisks the tooth out of her mouth with no problem whatsoever.

The whole thing ends in laughter from dad and young Caroline, as well as mom, Juliet.

Starrett worked on this stunt for several months, and the video and his Instagram post have attracted plenty of attention, Digital Trends notes. So far, the video has been viewed nearly 8,200 times, while on Instagram, it’s received over 3,100 likes so far.

This method for pulling a tooth seems a lot more fun than just tying the tooth to a string and attaching it to the door knob. Especially if the Force is with you.

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