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Meet Compassiviste Foundation: Setting new philanthropy standards through innovative community engagement

Established in 2022 by Ali Horriyat, Compassiviste Foundation champions the causes of the silenced and oppressed

Photo by Getty Images on Unsplash
Photo by Getty Images on Unsplash

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People often hear the phrase “live life to the fullest,” suggesting a world of adventure and experiences waiting to be discovered. However, for those struggling to find food, suffering from violence, vulnerable to life-threatening disasters, or displaced by war, this concept feels like an unattainable fantasy.

Acknowledging the grim realities these vulnerable groups face, Compassiviste Foundation refuses to overlook their struggles. Established in 2022 by Ali Horriyat, the foundation champions the causes of the silenced and oppressed. Through compassion and empathy, it extends a helping hand, aiding in their recovery and rebuilding efforts.

The foundation’s guiding principle, “Humanity must love always, and always love,” believes that collective human effort, rooted in love, can significantly enhance the well-being of those who have been marginalized and wounded, giving them a life worth living.

Building a compassionate society

Many believe that significant change requires grand gestures and that meaningful progress can be achieved only through large-scale action and sweeping reforms. However, Compassiviste Foundation brings a different approach to instigating change, beginning with individual consciousness. The foundation believes change is rooted in each person’s actions and the deliberate choices they make in their daily lives.

Compassion is central to Compassiviste Foundation’s philosophy. “Compassion encourages individuals to consider the repercussions of their choices on others,” Horriyat notes. “When people are compassionate, they are more likely to act in ways that are considerate of the well-being of their community and the environment, leading to actions that are kinder, more sustainable, and more socially responsible.”

To realize this vision, Compassiviste Foundation strongly emphasizes the exchange of knowledge and experiences. It advocates for an environment where individuals can share innovative approaches and establish collaborative and bias-free discussions rooted in compassion.

“Knowledge is the mightiest tool in any revolution. Each person’s experience, expertise, and own ways of expressing compassion can collectively spark the change we need,” Horriyat says.

Photo Courtesy of Compassiviste Foundation

Collective effort on the frontlines

Horriyat emphasizes changing mindsets and perspectives as the crucial first step in changing society. However, having personally experienced the social impact of inflation, capitalism, and the environmental crisis, he knows practical and systemic actions are also required.

This is why Compassiviste Foundation works to support numerous causes worldwide. From its “Justice 4 Carmen” project, supporting retired U.S. citizen Maria del Carmen Lopez, who was kidnapped from her home in Pueblo Nuevo, Mexico, to its “Za’atari Desert Garden,” which educates Syrian refugees residing at the Za’atari camp on hydroponics to cultivate their food, and “Maasai Makeover” which provides energy-efficient stoves, clean water, electricity, education for women and livestock management strategies in the Maasai area of East Africa, its projects reach different countries and communities, aiming to assist as many people as possible.

“We can’t deny that finances are needed to start and complete projects,” Horriyat expresses. “What makes us unique is that we don’t rely on influential people or government agencies’ financial support to start the work. We believe we can raise more and achieve more by inviting ‘normal citizens’ to participate through their donations. When combined, what we can accomplish is limitless.”

Long-term strategies

With today’s heightened crisis, Horriyat acknowledges that the fight is long and will not be easy. Compassiviste Foundation does not focus on short-term or one-time financial support but on building long-term engagement through knowledge and skill-sharing.

Horriyat concludes, “Donations are one thing, but investing your skills and talents to reach more people is another. We at Compassiviste Foundation concentrate on maximizing both financial support and individual expertise to amplify our impact, engage a broader community, and transition more people to a future filled with hope and improved well-being.”

To learn more about Compassiviste Foundation’s complete list of projects and how to support them, visit

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