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Reckless cop resigns after third arrest

After three arrests in the past eight months, Staten Island police officer Stacey Staniland, 29, has resigned from the NYPD.

Prior to her resignation, Staniland had been suspended without pay and has been stripped of her gun and badge, law enforcement sources said.

The woman’s reckless behavior over the past months begs the question as to why she was allowed to continue working and not sent to rehab. Staniland is on a path to hurt herself and possibly bring others with her.

Staniland’s most recent arrest was on July 1 after she crashed her motorcycle into two cars in Staten Island. Reports at the scene told the New York Post that the off-duty cop lost control while turning and careened into two vehicles waiting at a red light.

As Staniland searched her purse to give police her ID, the officers saw drug paraphernalia, a needle and spoon. Upon a search, the officers recovered anti-anxiety pills, clonazepam, for which she did not have a prescription. The officers then put Staniland under arrest.

She had been sniffing glue before the accident, according to police reports, said the New York Post.

Staniland faces charges for criminal possession of a hypodermic needle, misdemeanor drug possession and driving an unregistered motorcycle without license plates.

The cop was wearing a motorcycle helmet which had a logo that read “Little Miss Dangerous,” according to media reports.

The first encounter with the law was in December 2014 when Staniland was arrested for allegedly taking jewelry from the home of her then boyfriend’s mother and then sold them at a local pawn shop.

She was charged with second- and third-degree felonies of burglary, petty theft and possession of stolen property. The officer was suspended for 30 days with pay and was allowed back to the NYPD on modified duty.

Then she was arrested in May for possession of a hypodermic needle and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Reportedly Staniland was high on drugs when the police nabbed her.

The jewelry theft case had not yet been resolved and was working its way through the courts. Staniland was again suspended from the NYPD.

Staniland’s career as a police officer is over, but it seems her life is at risk — unless she gets the help she needs.

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