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Landlord bans battered wives from becoming tenants

The landlord, Fergus Wilson, released a list of the types of people who are excluded from becoming tenants. Wilson, 69, said he doesn’t want domestic abuse victims to rent from him because angry partners damage interiors and kick down doors.

Domestic abuse victims aren’t the only ones who were on the list. Others included single mothers, single fathers, families with kids, smokers, pet owners, single adults and low income earners. Workers on zero hours contracts and plumbers are also on the list.

Plumbers are barred from becoming tenants because he thinks they rip him off when it comes to advice about repairs. Only those who can afford to pay rent at his properties and can provide a rent guarantee will be accepted as tenants.

Wilson said the criteria, which he reissues yearly, was sensible. He said it was the result of financial fine tuning of his business. He said he gave the list of criteria to letting agents to ensure he didn’t waste the time or money of people who couldn’t get a rent guarantee for his properties due to them not earning enough.

As for discriminating against minorities, Wilson doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong. He claims he doesn’t discriminate against them, as long as they pay rent.

Wilson said he has nothing against people of color, lesbians or homosexuals. He added that he is in the business to make money, which is why he has to make a selection based on a sensible business plan.

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