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‘True Love Tester’ bra unhooks only for true love

Apparently, a woman in love shows signs of emotional excitement that can be detected and measured in the form of heart rate increases. The company have not revealed how the bra works exactly but Inquisitr speculates that it could be based on the principles of increased hormone flow when experiencing love, causing the heart to beat more strongly.
Produced by Ravijour, the bra senses that the female wearer is in love and snaps open. A piece of wearable technology, a series of sensors embedded into the bra send an array of data about the wearer’s emotions to a smartphone via Bluetooth for analysis.
If the heart rate rapidly accelerates, indicating that the woman has become excited by somebody, the connected phone sends a signal to the bra which unhooks an automated clasp. Apparently, this cannot be forcibly opened or tampered with, ensuring that it only releases for the genuine one and keeps others away.
Because the app can distinguish between different forms of excitement, the clasp should only release when the woman is actually in love, as opposed to simply engaging in a satisfying activity. Ravijour’s video shows how it fails to unlock when flirting, shopping, getting a surprise gift or eating nice foods. It only unlocks when the “true love rate” exceeds a particular value although it is not known how that “true love” value was calculated or obtained.
Don’t turn to the bra size calculator just yet though: currently, there are no plans to sell the True Love Tester. It was developed as part of Ravijour’s 10th anniversary celebrations but looks unlikely to ever test for somebody’s true love.

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