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Italian rapper Fedez gets beaten by neighbor who breaks his jaw

The rapper who is, according to gossip, Belen Rodriguez’s new fiancee, was holding a late-night party with another ten persons listening to loud music. Around 6 a.m. on Saturday, March 12, Fedez’s neighbor, an angry 41-year-old man lost his patience and confronted himself with the Italian music star. The debate quickly grew up into a brawl, and the two fought till they both ended hospitalized in the nearby San Carlo Hospital in Milan.

Fedez received a 15-days prognosis because of a mandibular fracture while his neighbor received a 11-days prognosis. Both parties intend to file a complaint, although no official document has been provided yet. Local police are still investigating on who threw the first blow. Last Summer the Italian rapper was involved in another brawl in the Just Cavalli Milan disco.

The X-Factor TV host explained that he’s flattered by all the attention he received from the Italian media, and reassured his fans about his health. “My grandma just called me to tell me that the local television news, just before speaking about the Pope, affirmed that I’m jaw-less and half dead between the hospital and the obituary, after holding an epic party.” According to his account, local news widely exaggerated their reports.

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