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How Nicolas Brochet Turned Being the Life of the Party into a Business

Being raised by outgoing, loving parents, Nicolas Brochet naturally became a personable, extraverted person himself.

Nicolas Brochet
Nicolas Brochet. Photo courtesy Thomas Herd
Nicolas Brochet. Photo courtesy Thomas Herd

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Being raised by outgoing, loving parents, Nicolas Brochet naturally became a personable, extraverted person himself. Sadly, Brochet lost both parents at just 20 years old. His parents instilled in him the importance of keeping admirable company, so he decided he wanted to create entertaining atmospheres for people to let loose. 

Brochet learned about the hospitality industry from a famous club owner who supported his endeavors with her blessing. Brochet calls her his “guiding light” thanks to her dedication to connecting him to the right people.

Brochet then proceeded to develop and manage some of the world’s most successful restaurants, including L’Opera in Paris, and La Petite Plage and Kinugawa in Saint-Tropez. He is currently expanding his expertise to the booming Dubai market, where he currently resides. 

“It’s a true blessing and an absolute pleasure to run business in these locations as these are definitely my places of power which give me an endless burst of energy and desire to create more and more beautiful events and projects,” Brochet said.

Brochet stays extremely busy ensuring that all of his businesses are running smoothly. He takes hundreds of calls per day, manages social media requests, answers emails and gets everything done accurately and promptly.

He attributes his positive mentality to staying focused and listening to his inner voice. Most recently, Brochet has worked on the Fashion Music Art Festival Magic Island Abu Dhabi. He is also developing a new 360 skyline view restaurant.

“You need to put all your passion, skills, and knowledge into every new project and keep being passionate about it and totally devoted to the process from beginning to the very end,” Brochet explained. “Then and only then can you create something truly special.”

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