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Hackers say ISIS is planning attack at WWE ‘Survivor Series’

On Saturday it was reported Anonymous uncovered a plot by ISIS. The alleged plot involves the group attacking the United States, Lebanon, Indonesia and Paris on Sunday. The hacker group reportedly said the target in the United States was the Philips Arena in Atlanta, where the WWE will be hosting its event Survivor Series.

Both the WWE and the FBI have been made aware of the alleged threats and are taking it seriously. Anononymous tweeted that it didn’t know where the rumors originated from, nor did it spread any rumors around about possible future attacks by ISIS.

The FBI said the agency didn’t have specific or credible information of an attack. The agency also said it is working closely with their law enforcement partners and private sector partners to keep the community safe.

Anonymous said the goal is to make sure people who go to these events know there were threats made and there is a possibility of an attack happening. The group added that they want to make sure ISIS knows that the entire world knows and cancels the attacks, and this may disorientate the group for a while.

The WWE has no plans on cancelling the event and everything will go on as planned. Survivor Series airs tonight on pay-per-view and is scheduled to air at 7:30 p.m.

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